After the huge success from its previous release of the PANTHER series DDR4 memory, Apacer is announcing its next-generation desktop gaming memory module, the PANTHER RAGE DDR4 Illuminated Gaming Memory Module. Built with advanced technologies and a top-quality heat spreader, the PANTHER RAGE DDR4 Illuminated Gaming Memory Module comes with more cutting-edge designs and features, which makes it ideal for gaming, overclocking, and PC modding projects. The LED lighting on the PANTHER RAGE DDR4 too, is designed to mimic the glistening teeth of a panther to make the name more literal!

Overclocking at a Lightning Speed of 3000MHz with a Stable Performances 
The PANTHER RAGE DDR4 Illumination Gaming Memory Module is designed to be compatible with the latest platform of Intel®, offering memory frequency of 2400/2666/2800/3000MHz via Extreme Memory Profile (XMP 2.0) with memory timings of 16-16-16-36(2400/2666MHz), 17-17-17-36(2800MHz), and 16-18-18-38(3000MHz). 
To ensure superior stability for PANTHER RAGE DDR4, Apacer employed professional technologies that are used toward the making industrial memory modules, a high efficient heat spreader and high quality memory IC that operates at low voltage. This design not only allows the memory to operate at its optimal state but also helps to prolongs the lifespan of the memory kit. 
The PANTHER RAGE DDR4 is available in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB variant, and it can be paired with a Intel chipset motherboard (X99) that is able to support a total of 128GB memory for the best performance.
The Glistening Fangs and Design Details that Reveal Tough Performances 
No panthers can be fierce without sharp teeth. The uniquely designed LED lighting features are inspired by the fangs of a panther. A stamping technique is applied to create an embossment of the beast, and the letters of the name are debossed to create a contrast. The bars that align at the right side of the panther’s head is a hint of energy level from battle games. The jagged line at the bottom imitates the serration on military knives. 
The release of PANTHER DDR4 once impressed gamers and PC modders and won 2017 Taiwan Excellence Award with its superior performances in overclocking, heat spread, stability, and excellent value. Apacer is ready to take the market by storm again at a new height with its new PANTHER RAGE DDR4 Illumination Gaming Memory Module.

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