AMD’s latest survey found out that AI is indeed helping the industry achieve new highs in productivity and efficiency yet more than half of them are not ready for what’s to come.

AMD Survey on AI 1

Commissioned by Team Red and conducted across the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Japan for a total of 2,500 IT leaders as participants, the survey aims to find out how AI tech reshapes the workplace alongside the surveyees’ plans to harness them and other related client hardware roadmaps with discussions about adoption challenges.

Judging from positive feedback alone, it seems that more than 78% of them agree that AI helped them to get more tasks done in a day or improve their work-life balance which comes in at 70%, 46% of them say that their organization isn’t actually ready to implement AI just yet.

Out of all, only 19% say they will prioritize AI within the next year while 44% even forecast a 5-year timeline despite how technology can just change tomorrow at a flip of a switch.

AMD Survey on AI 2

So what’s hindering them from doing so? Well, results show that Infrastructure Readiness is the main reason here with 52% of respondents claiming their IT infrastructure is just not geared towards AI workloads while other concerns within security and privacy aspects are raised as well. They also find that keeping pace with rapidly evolving technology is kind of tiresome too.

7 in 10 think that AI can help defend against cybersecurity threats though so that’s a good start.

On the other hand, of those who are prioritizing AI already, 90% of them have improved workplace efficiency going along just fine.

In terms of natural language processing apps like LLMs and chatbots, more than 50% of IT leaders are not familiar and have yet to personally experiment just yet.

AMD Ryzen 7040

Since this is an AMD-funded study, of course, they’ll be talking about its latest Ryzen 7040 mobile processors that come with the dedicated Ryzen AI engine that can provide acceleration to any sort of AI-related features on the go on the consumer level while large-scale industrial deployments can wait for the eventual arrival of the Instinct MI300X accelerator powered by the CDNA 3 architecture.


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