AMD’s latest mobile processors branches into a new sub-series called the Ryzen Z1 series which will be dedicated to handheld PC gaming consoles.

AMD Ryzen Z1 Series 1

The first launch of the new series comprises 2 models – the Ryzen Z1 packing a 6C/12T configuration alongside 22MB cache and 4CU based on the RDNA architecture and the Ryzen Z1 Extreme which cranks the figures to 8C/16T + 24MB cache + 12CU. Both of them are rated for a 15W – 3oW TDP since handheld devices are quite sensitive to power consumption.

Such powerful performance also allows manufacturers to include a high refresh rate display which will make handheld gaming on par with the desktop and laptop counterparts.

The use of RDNA 3-based GPU also means that all the modern tech will be accessible such as Super Resolution, Image Sharpening, Chill, AMD Link, and more while the CPU side delivers things like USB 4 and LPDDR5 / LPDDR5X RAM support – all of them required to be a successful handheld gaming device in 2023.

The chip is built with the same x86 instructions as any Ryzen chip which means the full suite of Windows 11 can be installed in any powering machine and gain the ability to utilize gaming services like Xbox Game Pass without any compatibility issues. Adding icing on the cake which is smart and efficient power management technology, gamers can enjoy hours of smooth, buttery gameplay anywhere they go.

First Commercial Availability

ROG Ally 1

The first device equipped with the AMD Ryzen Z1 series CPU will be the ASUS ROG Ally which is slated for official global reveal on May 11 so be sure to find out what that device is capable of. Early leaks suggest that the Ryzen Z1 model will be priced at USD599.99 while the Ryzen Z1 Extreme’s is at USD699.99 instead.


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