It’s here! we celebrate the launch of the awaited AMD R7 and R9 GPUs at GSC Signature in the Gardens Shopping Mall. A collaborative effort from both AMD and ASUS, this promises to be a good one for the books… or the blog.

A banner of the Asus R9 280X  Matrix greeted us at the escalator leading to the launch.

 And to our delight, goody bags!

Here are the contents of the bag we got 😉 I know where it will belong… on my desk where the IT manager walks past everyday :p

We see the Vector team here again, probably pondering what can they do to max out the performance of that setup.

Sweet looking peripherals they have there isn’t it? New toys from CM Storm with a touch of Aluminum.

The interview session with the Vahn featuring the ‘AMD Collector’s DeskPC’

While he’s at it, we peek inside to see the awesomeness of the setup.

And on top of it featured a new set of peripherals courtesy of Cooler Master, featuring the new Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from CM Storm, MECH and their gaming mice, Reaper. Hope that we can get our hands on them soon for an unboxing & review article.

The wait for the event to start is never boring, trying out your skills on the new Battlefield 4 should keep you busy enough.

This rig by Goldfries has new chassis, new fans and of course the new AMD R9 GPU in it, sweet!

A good read of the features of the AMD GPUs and contents of the Vector AMD Collector’s DeskPC

The start of the event, pretty much everything you need to know about them new R series.

A comparison chart against the green camp…

complete with an explanation of the architecture 😉

The lucky draw session being conducted… no we didn’t win any of the Asus Orion ROG headsets or copies of Battlefield 4. Would’ve made a good review out of it too :p

Lo and behold the lucky winners!

A quick snap of the (overkill) setup used to display the presentation slides

No use running away with these, the contents are mounted in the rigs.
After the end of the presentation, we were treated to watch Thor: The Dark World 🙂 
It won’t be the last that we see of these products, more to come in the future!

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