Perhaps some of you Malaysians never heard about AGI Storage but here we are at their COMPUTEX 2024 booth.

They are basically a Taiwanese brand that has been around for some time and they already have quite the portfolio so let us show you what they have.

Computex 2024 AGI Storage 12

First off, they have this new PCIe 5.0 x4 SSD and the live demo shows a monstrous 12,400MBps sequential reads and 12,000MBps sequential writes.

Computex 2024 AGI Storage 11

Need some love for SATA? Here it is one with a strong 8TB capacity.

Computex 2024 AGI Storage 07

System DRAM kits are also showcased with different kinds of designs covering DDR4 and DDR5 standards so you know the brand ain’t some “new kid in the block”.

Computex 2024 AGI Storage 09

With the ability to produce and integrate such a high density of NAND chips, they decided to implement that into a microSD card, which has 2TB, like dude, how?

Computex 2024 AGI Storage 02

There’s another cabinet hosting all sorts of accessories but we are going to focus on the cube thing that goes in between a smartphone and its charging cable. Yes, an OTG storage device with charge passthrough. Never have I thought that there would be a situation which I need to move files with a soon-to-be-dead smartphone.

Computex 2024 AGI Storage 03

As for this SSD, it has magnets to attach to the back of your phone and it is rated to accept 4K60FPS video recordings directly into it.

That’s about it for this visit and I do hope that they are aiming for a 4TB SD card release in the future.


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