Acer announced quite a number of new devices today over at their next@acer Global Press Conference. Little did you expect what they had up their sleeves – energy drinks. Yes, Acer is now making energy drinks and it is called the Predator Shot.

Acer Predator Shot 01

As obvious as it may seem, it is primarily aimed at gamers who want that extra kick for long hours of gaming or that absurd overnight quest with party members. The presenters mentioned that it is full of vitamins and minerals – Vitamin B and Lutein. On the other hand, presumably, it has tons of caffeine in it as well, otherwise, it wouldn’t be an energy drink.

Price and release date was not mentioned in the live stream and we’re not sure if they are going to be available in Malaysia. Nonetheless, Predator is now slowly gearing itself to become a full-fledged gamer brand and not to mention, it sure goes well with their tagline, Summon Your Strength.


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