Cooler Master has shown us many of their products during the Consumer Electronic Show 2014 (CES 2014) and it is an honor for us here to have Cooler Master sending us one of the featured product – the upcoming CM Storm Mizar Gaming Mice.

Does this reminded anyone of the Steelseries Rival? The design of CM Storm Mizar favors right-handed gamers a lot as what we can see.
A view from the front, the scroll wheel is fairly large and the scroll feels pretty smooth, much to our favor personally. There’s also two buttons (with arrows) which allow you to toggle the LED colors and the dpi of the laser sensor. From the given specifications, it is said that you can adjust the LED color which is controlled by the software – currently not available.

White LED: Default mode and lowest dpi settings on the mice, 800 dpi
Red: Twice the dpi of the 800 dpi default mode, the Red LED gives you 1600 dpi on the sensor
Green: Twice the dpi of the Red LED, giving you a total of 3200 dpi
Blue: Highest dpi offered on the Mizar, gives you a whopping 8200 dpi on the go.
* The LED color on the scroll wheel stays white as there’s only one color mode for it. 

At the left side of the mice, you will notice that the majority surface of the left is covered by a large rubber grip and two large buttons which can be used as ‘previous page’ and ‘next page’ during normal web browsing. From the given specs, there’s 7 buttons where you can assign macros to which consists of the scroll wheel click, left & right click, two side buttons on the left, two LED/dpi toggling buttons right above the scroll wheel. We weren’t able to try on the macros as the software isn’t available for the moment.
The right side of the mice, there’s also a piece of rubber grip covering almost the entire right-hand oriented side. These rubber grip on both sides of the mice will give you extra grip and control, great for having better control during intense gaming session where the person who loses the grip and control of their mice will lead them to a total annihilation – in the game of course. 

As for the bottom side of the mice, the design is pretty much simple and isn’t much attractive as other competitors did on their gaming mice. The mouse feet is rather small but it glides exceptionally well on the cloth mouse pad we’ve been using for this quick test.

The gold plated USB connector that has been used on majority of gaming peripherals is said to be able to minimize signal transfer latency, what do you think? Personally we don’t feel any difference in performance, but it does keep your USB connector looks better by giving it a layer of protection that is strong against oxidation that occurs on almost every existing USB connector out there.

And last but not least one of our favorite feature, braided cables. You can’t really say it’s a marketing gimmick as we do have experience with some budget mice where the rubber layer of the cable got torn by accident. By far from what we have experienced, braided cable is far stronger against these type of unhappy incident.

The ETA of CM Storm Mizar to Malaysia is still unknown, so does the pricing. We’ll keep things updated and at the meantime, do let us know what is your opinion on this new product from Cooler Master!


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