It’s Pikom PC Fair 2013 @KLCC again where early technology adopters, students, home users, gamers etc gathered here to hunt for bargain on gadgets, accessories, laptops, printers, storage devices. And of course, gorgeous show girls from the big cheese. Not to mention that you’ll also find some ridiculous booths which aren’t even related the name of the event too.

Seems like the small group of peoples in front is heading to the exhibition hall as well.

And we’re here at the entrance of the exhibition hall, where things started to get crowded here.

Check this out, the crowd queuing up waiting while the guards is doing their job keeping the crowd controlled.

Times up! charge? The crowd barging in as soon as the fair is officially started.

As usual, wall of QR codes where you can scan for some pretty good deals offered in the fair.

EPSON offers trade in for old printers, time to get rid of that old bulky printer in your room maybe?

First booth encountered, Microsoft with their gorgeous looking show girls spotted!

The Game Zone, get your game on!

Father and son moment…

Hello ladies, I’m really sorry for the blurred pics, hands shaking…

Excited boy enjoying his gaming session.

Microsoft Surface anyone? Thanks for your patience ladies!

And now enter the laptop and accessories zone where you’ll see HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba and other brands of laptop with their promotions.

Dell with their Alienware franchise on display.

Have you seen my spacecraft?

Here’s Logitech with their gaming peripherals putting to test, for the first time I think? The spotlight seems to be more on the gaming side instead of the iPad accessories.

Hey gorgeous, have I seen you somewhere before?

Giving the Logitech gaming gears a test, he’s doing pretty good I’d say.

Here’s MSI booth with their Gaming Notebooks, first buyer gets a free copy of Battlefield 4! I wonder who’s the lucky guy?

Here’s Razer booth at the beginning. Have you spotted something sharp?

It’s the Razer Blade Pro on display along with their gaming perihperals, Black Widow Ultimate, Death Adder and Electra. Look at those fingerprints…

Slim and stylish striking appearance, as what’s most Razer product would have.

Oh God, I’m shaking again…

Accessories booths having promotions with attractive products along with attractive price. Especially power banks, you’ll hear someone shouting buy one free seven offer after this.

Enter the sound vortex where big bass thumps! And we have the largest booth here by Edifier along with some of their newly launched products.

One of the new product from Edifier, portable bluetooth speaker MP260.

The IF600BT docking station, share your music with ease!

The Alarm clock speaker MF240 offers input via SD card, USB devices! Bring the music, in time.

It’s the red horn again which we have encountered during the PC Expo at Mid Valley not long ago and this time we know its name, the E30. The grey little thing there is a bluetooth remote control for the E30.

There’s other attractive looking mini speakers here as well.

And here’s the E25 Luna Eclipse, really impressive output from a small speaker.

We have other brands along the way, Salpido, Eacan, Vinnfier and the others joins the fun as well.

Guess what?! The Belladonna makes its appearance once again at the HWM booth.

This little man is enjoying his first and ever gaming experience on the ultimate gaming rig in town.

Along with these awesome looking gaming perihperals from CM Storm, making its debut again after the AMD R7 & R9 Launch @GSC Signature, The Gardens.

And here we have the Corsair K95 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard as well!

The Corsair Vengeance K65 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard and Raptor M30 Gaming Mouse making their appearance too.

Here at TMT booth, it’s all about gaming peripherals. Check out those gaming headsets being displayed!

And here’s the Steelseries APEX Raw on a Fnatic QcK+ mouse pad.

We spotted the Logitech G710+ Gaming Mechanical Keyboard as well at TMT booth!

And some DOTA 2 Edtion KANA(s) and QcK mouse pad.

For the first time ever! ZALMAN making their appearance in Pikom PC Fair!

A line of gaming mice from ZALMAN.

A big line of ZALMAN CPU Coolers, Air and Liquid.

Guess what?! The ZALMAN Reserator 3 MAX makes its first debut in Malaysia to the public. Definitely something worth taking a look.

ZALMAN’s power supplies – ZM1250 Platinum rated and Goldrock Gold Rated power supplies.

ZALMAN’s casing, do check out the awesome looking MS800 series and Z12 series casing here at ZALMAN’s booth!

Making their appearance again, Jayacom brings you the best deal possible in town.

While wandering around Jayacom’s booth, we spotted a gem – the Thermaltake Urban Series S31!

Thanks to the staffs at Jayacom, I am allowed to take a few shots of the Thermaltake Urban Series S31. Awesome looking case, especially the front metal brushed panel and the large side panel window.

Tradition of Thermaltake, HDD dock on top of their case!

Looks really good, first encounter after the long wait since Thermaltake announced the launch of their Urban Series casing.

A quick look inside the case itself… Many thanks to Jayacom staffs for granting me this great opportunity.

A line of Thermaltake’s award winning power supplies and the Level 10 GT(s).

The Xigmatek Aquila spotted as well, is a must to visit for SFF build fans!

Along with the Xigmatek Nebula as well…

Big family of Xigmatek casing and power supplies.

Lots of awesome stuff is available here, make sure you drop by to take a look, highly recommended for anyone who wish to build a new PC during this Pikom PC Fair.

Yes! 4G small classroom, giving the crowd exposure to the Samsung 4G Chromebook.

The Chromebook actual product, neat looking!

Did you know? The Chromebook is capable of booting up within 10 seconds. If you wish to know more about the Chromebook, kindly visit the link below for more info:
Click to know more about the Chromebook!

And finally… the broadband army. Digi booth is offering SKMM package where you can get a low cost android phone by purchasing a 4GB MicroSD card and their Internet SIM pack for only 50 Malaysian Ringgit, don’t expect much though – what you get is what you pay.

That’s it for the first day of Pikom PC Fair 2013 @KLCC, we weren’t able to cover the full length of the event due to some difficulties we’re having currently, but we hope you’ll enjoy reading our article and have a nice weekend. 🙂