Here are some tips to help newcomers beat Call of Duty: Warzone more often.

Do your scouting to earn money faster

The game has an economic system that you should use to increase your chances to win. For money you can buy the best Warzone skins, weapons, modifications and more.

To earn them, there are several options: open boxes that appear on the map, kill other players and take their money or perform contracts. Contracts are divided into four types: Contraband, Scavenger, Recon, and Most Wanted.

Scavenger is the most profitable type. It involves finding three boxes on the map. It is quite simple, in addition, the reward will be more, because in each box is equipment, and for completing the task you also get money.

However, such a contract is better to take as early as possible, so that the marked targets are not outside the circle.

Watch out for lights in the sky

During a match you can see signal lights in the sky in two colors: orange and red. Orange occurs when a player performs a terrain holding task. In this case you can attack him, disrupt the fulfillment of the contract and make good money on it. You can also pass by, because there may be several fighters on the point who are waiting to attack.

Red fire indicates that the player is using the trading station to revive a comrade. Once revived, participants usually land not too far from the team, so you either have to attack it before reinforcements arrive, or get as far away as possible so the opponents don’t notice you. If you have a sniper rifle in your arsenal, you can also try to shoot the parachutist.

Be wary of ambushes near trading stations

Players who like to sit in ambush are a real nightmare for fans of the battle royale genre. Because of them a lot of matches were lost. In Call of Duty: Warzone ambushes are often arranged near the trading stations. The reason is simple: it is the stations where players usually go to buy armor plates or revive comrades. For ambushers, targets without armor or with an incomplete squad are attractive prey.

Of course, enemies can also be found in other places (e.g. next to equipment crates). But near the trading stations we advise to be especially careful and check the buildings nearby.

Use a Monolithic Suppressor

If you’re looking to build a quality ammo kit, be sure to get the Monolithic Suppressor. This thing has proven itself in multiplayer, as well as in the battle royale. The thing is that such a silencer significantly reduces the volume of fire, thereby hiding your marker on the map, and also increases the range of fire.

Of course, it also has some disadvantages: it takes a little more time to use the sighting mode, and the sight itself is not as stable as others. However, on submachine guns these disadvantages are insignificant, and on other types of weapons you can use the body kit with opposite effects to compensate.

Unfortunately, the Monolithic Suppressor is not available on all weapons, so the arsenal is not very impressive.


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