As the 2nd Generation High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) is about to make its debut to the consumer market via AMD’s next generation graphics, SK Hynix is already preparing for the HBM3 that is capable of delivering a whopping 2TB/s memory bandwidth. Samsung however, is working on a relatively inexpensive standard, GDDR6, hoping to be able to deliver it by 2018.
According to Samsung, the proposed GDDR6 will offer a much higher bandwidth of 16Gbps, which is roughly 60% more bandwidth over the 10Gbps offered by the current GDDR5X. Of course, higher memory bandwidth isn’t the only thing to expect from GDDR6, as it also feature a much more efficient LP5 controller that is capable of reducing up to 20% power draw over GDDR5X while maintaining a higher capable clock speed in proportionate to the power drawn.
(Source: TechPowerUp)