2 in 1 Reasons to Celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri with Intel® 1

Work, play and connect with loved ones this
festive season on Intel’s latest 2 in 1 devices
– After a month of fasting and reflection, there is nothing more
enjoyable or rewarding than looking forward to reuniting with long lost friends
and family during Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Marking the end of the month of
Ramadhan, Hari Raya Aidilfitri as celebrated in Malaysia is a festival
synonymous with the seeking of forgiveness for past transgressions, open
houses, duit raya as well as feasts of scrumptious delicacies including rendang
and ketupat .
Though a festival with generally
much to look forward to, there are also plenty of other associations of the
unpleasant variety awaiting Malaysians – horrendous traffic snarls caused by
the annual balik kampung exodus in the days before and immediately after Hari
Raya, long hours on the road in the car with very little to do except stare at
the scenery going by and so on and so forth. And then there are those
unfortunate Malaysians unable to even make the arduous trek back home to their
loved ones for unavoidable reasons such as health concerns, work situations or simply
being abroad.
Fortunately, mobile devices
including smartphones and tablets have provided consumers with the means to not
only get around unavoidable unpleasantness but also make already enjoyable
experiences even more joyful and fun. Thanks to the latest advances in
microprocessor technology and form factor design, the latest devices available
in the market today give everyone the freedom and flexibility to play, connect
and work whenever, wherever and with whomever they want.
Portability and
Battery Life – Take Whatever You’re Doing on the Go
Some 1.5 million vehicles a day*
are expected to surge through the nation’s highways and main roads in the days
leading up to and immediately after Hari Raya Aidilfitri be it back to their
hometowns or whilst visiting relatives in distant locations. While traffic
congestions are in themselves taxing enough, imagine having to make the journey
with a car full of fidgety young ones with very little else to do.
Parents can opt to keep their
children occupied with a 2 in 1 device which offers all the functionalities a
desktop PC has to offer along with the portability of a tablet. There are
plenty of interactive apps parents can use to interact with their children be
it through various entertaining and educational games or even videos. 
A 2 in 1 device powered by a 4th
Generation Intel® Core™ processor is the ultimate device for power and
portability thanks to its processor – making multi-tasking a breeze and
delivering amazing battery life. With these features, 2 in 1 devices are capable
of helping to distract and entertain, soothe frazzled nerves and make festive
travel that much more bearable.
Location, location,
Your 2 in 1 device may be the
Ultrabook you need and the tablet you want. The Ultrabook experience allows you
to take your productivity mobile, whether you are working on the go, catching
up with long lost friends, or just getting away from it all. Converting or
detaching as a tablet, 2 in 1s also give you the freedom and convenience to
search for traffic updates, play games or watch video on the go. For highly
mobile workers who just can’t resist sneaking in a bit of work even while on
holiday, 2 in 1s are great for maximizing productivity anywhere.
A 2 in 1 device is ready to work,
rest or play in any environment. Whether in the car, on the highway, at a rest
stop or having fun at your parents’ house with your nephews, nieces and other
family members, your 2 in 1 device can transform in any environment to give you
instant access at the touch of a screen to all of your content.
2 in 1 Reasons to Celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri with Intel® 3
No compromise on
Tablet devices may have limited memory
storage. Whilst 16GB might be ample for a library of music and a couple of
movies, you will probably need a lot more storage space for all those photographs
and home videos of your favorite nieces and nephews. 2 in 1 devices generally have
similar storage capacity as laptops but still offer you the portability and
convenience of a tablet. This not only means that you can capture images and
videos as you go; you can also edit and share them online with distant friends
and family who couldn’t make it back home – all on one powerful device!
Get in-touch with
your content
Touchscreens are a standard
feature on 2 in 1 devices. Using a touchscreen adds an extra layer of
interactivity with the technology and helps to navigate content and the device
itself in a more intuitive way.
The main benefit of having a
touchscreen on a 2 in 1 device is that you can decide ‘on the fly’ if it’s a
job that is touch intensive or type intensive. So for instance, if you’re
playing a game with your bored child on the commute home or watching a video on
Youtube with your cousins, you can choose to convert your device to tablet mode
for ease of use. Surfing social media sites or watching online content is a
breeze in tablet mode. The light form factor and rotating screen make it easy
to hold in virtually any position whilst the touch capabilities allow them to
zoom in and out and instantly click through on any content.
Otherwise, if you’re editing
photographs before sharing them on your social media accounts or sneaking in a
bit of work while your family is distracted, you can use your 2 in 1 device as
a fully functional laptop. With a click, flick or fold (depending on what style
of 2 in 1 device you have) your 2 in 1 device instantly transforms in to a
fully fledge PC powerhouse, giving you full PC functionality and powerful
performance to assist with the most complex assignments.
As long as you remember to wipe
the lemang grease from your fingertips, you’ll be good to go in just a swish
and a flick. 

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