Pioneer P1 (APS-XS02) 240GB

    Review: Pioneer P1 (APS-XS02) 240GB USB-C External SSD

    Pioneer has been up expanding to other fields of tech. With their announcement earlier this year, we're seeing more than just car audio products from them. They've actually announced a slew of USB-C products - including a card reader dongle, an active hub, and even an external SSD like we have here. Our partners reviewed some of their products - the card reader here, and active-powered dock here. The one we have is the Pioneer P1 (APS-XS02) 240GB external SSD that is powered by a single USB-C connector.
    RaijinTek Orcus 240 AIO header

    Review – Raijintek Orcus 240 Liquid CPU Cooler

    Despite being a fairly new brand in the AIO liquid cooler market, Raijintek quickly become one of the strong contender its Triton liquid cooler. The Triton 240 and Triton 280 which we've previously reviewed, is able to perform just as good as a number of well-known brand i.e Corsair, Cooler Master, Deepcool, etc.
    ASUS TUF Gaming FX504

    [UPDATED] ASUS Announces TUF Gaming FX504 Gaming Laptop

    2018 April 17 - Local specs & pricing confirmed The ASUS FX series gaming laptops are being introduced into the TUF...
    Transcend JetDrive 820

    Review – Transcend JetDrive 820: Upgrade Your Mac’s SSD

    Let's be honest here - those who have a Apple's MacBook Air was aiming for one thing - its price. The MacBook Air 11-inch in particular was Apple's entry to their walled garden at the lowest price, yet it offers decent performance with an extremely long battery life. Perfect for mobile warriors. I'm sure that there are many MacBook owners are like me - cheap out during the initial purchase and opted for the lowest storage capacity available, but regret now because 128GB is clearly insufficient. This is where Transcend's slew of Apple memory products come to the rescue - particularly the Transcend JetDrive 820 SSD for Macs.

    Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR Monitor Review

    The UltraSharp series is always one of our favorite picks when it comes to Dell monitors and hopefully, the Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR monitor we have here will live up to the expectation we have for the series.

    Edifier XM6BT 2.1 Speaker Review

    When it comes to picking a decent speaker for one's daily driver, Edifier is no stranger to those who has been in the scene for the past few decades. We ourselves, have some pretty good experience with the Edifier R1600TIII and we expect nothing less from what we're about to review this time, the Edifier XM6BT 2.1 speakers which arrived at Tech Critter's lab a couple of weeks ago - special thanks to Inter-Asia Technology for the provision of the Edifier XM6BT!

    ILLEGEAR ONYX Has Ultra-thin Bezel & Features Intel 8th Gen Processor

    ILLEGEAR introduces the latest entry to its slim gaming laptops - the ONYX. It is ILLEGEAR's latest high-end gaming laptop to join the range...