Grand Finals of ZOTAC CUP Fight For Charity League of Legends Tournament with a total charity prize pool of $100,000 USD kicks off today at COMPUTEX 2019 which take place at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1. The best nine LOL players from the April online qualifiers advanced to the Semi-Finals will be competing against renown local influencers MMD, Eggroll, 7Z, WeiWei, Toyz and Gear for 5 coveted spots in the Grand Finals.

The winning team will then compete with the international streamers, namely CooLifeGame from Spain, Guan Zong and Hao Kai from China, Voyboy and Kaypea from North America. All the 10 finalists will compete to raise funds to help support Esports Foundation US, Gaming-Aid, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Mercy Malaysia, and Oaktree Foundation.

Zotac Cup finals Computex 2019

The total prize pool worth $100,000 will be donated towards charity organizations worldwide as according to the prize raised by the finalists:

  • CooLifeGame and DEX raised US$17,000 for Gaming-Aid
  • Voyboy and Kammr raised US$18,500 for eSports Foundation US
  • Hao Kai and Cipher raised US$19,500 for Mercy Malaysia
  • Guan Zong and Lukalux raised US$22,000 for Make a Wish
  • KayPea and MMD raised US$23,000 for OakTree Foundation

ZOTAC CUP Computex 2019 Tony Wong CEO

“As an industry leader, we are excited to take the lead in encouraging the gaming community to create positive impacts. This year is very special because we have many talented individuals allocating their time, only with the aim to help make a difference. We also thank our partners NVIDIA, HUYA, Intel, Logitech Gaming, ViewSonic, COUGAR, and Battlefy for providing their support,” said Tony Wong, CEO of ZOTAC Technology.

ZOTAC CUP Fight For Charity League of Legends Tournament is the first esports tournament held in Computex which contribute its prize pool to charity. It’s good to see ZOTAC and the participating partners bringing the gaming community together not just for gaming, but to a good cause as well. chair


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