Virtual reality is not just for transforming you into another dimension. It can do much more than that actually. In fact, there are certain virtual reality apps out there which can motivate and inspire you to stay healthy and be in shape. Yes! VR workout is the trend of the town now people are keenly diverting towards this concept.

If you are a health freak, you might have already tried working out in the gym, maintaining the right diet etc. However, if you’re not accustomed to what VR exercise is, you are missing out something really potential.

What are those extraordinary virtual reality apps available?

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VR Fitness

Are you not interested in those typical gym sessions?

You must start sweating with the VR fitness game from Steam. While you will be working your entire body in such an action-packed game, exercising won’t seem to be a daily boring work at all.

This virtual reality app can let you meet the highest fitness goals as you will be definitely on the move while defeating the enemies with a slash. The eye-catchy graphics and an extraordinary thrill of this virtual reality app cum game can keep you pumped up and energized to put in the efforts.

Virtual Cardio Tours

Do you want to try some cardio VR workout?

Start using the Virtual Cardio Tours app. With the help of this app, you can turn the chapter of VR exercise a pretty convenient one. You can stream any of the available interactive trails in this app to make any of the episodes starting from biking, a treadmill to stair-stepper and elliptical workouts are more easy and convenient.

Just grab this VR exercise app and you will be able to enjoy the perks of a European adventure or a North American trek up to an extreme level. When your gym mate will be staring at the blank wall, you will be rather thrilled by the world of wonder. It is one of the best VR workout games in the town.

Black Box VR

Your typical gym can never be so exciting like what Black Box VR is having. It is the first full-fitness virtual reality app which can give you a fantastic exercising experience. With Black Box VR, you can go for a session of 30-minute intense and intelligent workout in which your body will be taken up to an extreme level of thrill and amazement.

You can further integrate the cable pulley system for high-end strength training which would be filled with futuristic and fulfilling motivation and direction. Hence, this VR reality app is one of the best ways to muscle yourself up and slim down at the same time in the smartest possible way.


Holodance can be one of the best VR workout game out there which can let you start the journey towards a better body. The rhythms being paired with rigorous activity will let you dance like dragons. Thus, you will have a complete cardio of your body while burning huge calories. This VR workout game will make you feel as thrilling as you do at any nightclub. Interestingly, there’s no accompanying bouncer or cover charge required.

Aren’t these astounding fitness apps depicting the future of virtual reality already? When you’ve such exciting creations around you, make the most out of them in your day to day life and keep yourself fit and fine.

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Lyuthar Jacobs is working as a writer at Studyclerk and a blog editor at Dealslands UK. He is a geek who loves to write about Technology, Gaming, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Money Saving. He loves to share his knowledge and experience with his friends and colleagues.


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