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In today’s tech news, Stephen Hawking has a new set of wheels , 512Gb the size of a post stamp , Apple working on top secret stuff and many more!

Hello , ladies and gentlemen! This is Jack from Tech-Critter and welcome to another Weekly Byte , your weekly byte sized summary for everything tech related. Another eventful week within the tech industry , so without further ado lets jump right in.

Twitter and Facebook both testing out their “Buy Button”:
Social media powerhouses Twitter and Facebook seems to have set their sights on E-commerce as they have began testing out their respective “Buy Button”. As of now only a small percentage of lucky users from the social media sites get to test the “Buy Button” and no public release date has been announced. But as usual , stay tuned as we will inform readers as soon as we know. Read up more about this here and here.

Stephen Hawking gets a new set of wheels:
The universally acclaimed theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author and Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology within the University of Cambridge , Stephen Hawking seem to have acquired a new set of wheels. Hawking which unfortunately has a motor neuron disease related to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a condition that has progressed over the years caused him to be almost entirely paralysed and wheelchair bound. His new wheelchair that he worked with the engineers at Intel for more than 10 years to develop enables the collection of biometrical information from the user, as well as mechanical information from the machine, that can then be analyzed. The team also built an application that allows wheelchair users to map and rate the accessibility of locations, further enhancing the user experience. An inspiring video documenting this can be found here.

About 5 million Gmail usernames and passwords leaked:
About 5 million Gmail usernames and passwords were recently leaked in a forum post at forum.btcsec.com , a Russian Bitcoin forum. But upon further inspection , the leak is not nearly as massive than initially assumed as it seems like a list that has been accumulated over a long period of time with most of the information outdated. Google has taken steps to help their users secure their accounts and given them usual recommendations to protect their devices from malware. The company also recommended enabling 2-step verification. Original forum post can be found here , administrators of said forum has already deleted the information of said leaked accounts. I highly advise that readers change their passwords periodically as we never know when we’ll be next.

Qualcomm announced their new Snapdragon Processor:
Qualcomm recently announced their newest line of mobile processors , the Snapdragon 210 , aimed at the lower end of the smartphone and tablet spectrum , it comes with 4G-LTE-Advanced , a quad core 1.1 Ghz processor and an Adreno304 GPU. No details as to which device will be the first to utilize this processor has been announced , but as usual , stay tuned as we’ll let all of you know as soon as we do!

Twitch is spending your money?!:
Recently acquired by Amazon for close to a billion dollars , popular game streaming site Twitch seems to have encountered a problem in regards to the chat services they offer. While not actually spending your money , Twitch seems to be infested with automated accounts which spam links on channels that claims to be offering users weekly giveaways of sorts. When clicked , the malicious links will prompt the unknowing user for their name and email address which then allows malware to gain full access of the user’s Steam account. The malware can potentially trade away all the valuables and spend all the money (if any) of said hi-jacked account. I highly advise readers not to click on unknown links be it from Twitch or any other sites such as Facebook , Twitter and etcetera just to be on the safe side! Read more about it here.

SanDisk releases a new SD memory card:
SD memory cards have been here for quite some time , with the usual capacity of 4GB , 8GB , 16GB , 32GB and so on. But recently SanDisk announced their newest SD card , that comes with a whopping 512GB of storage , thats more storage compared to conventional pendrives and some of the smaller external hard drives. What is the point of a large SD memory card when they are multi-terrabyte external hard drives available in the market , some of you might ask. Well first of all , this thing here is the size of a post stamp and is much more desirable when compared to their larger siblings. Other than that , this SD card is also a game changer for film-makers as this card is prepped for 4K video shooting. Read up more about it here.

Apple working on top secret products:

Apple has recently taken the spotlight with the newest iteration of their flagship iPhone and also the smartwatch they’re working on that is supposedly coming out sometime next year. One might wonder , what might be next for Apple , a new iPad , a new Macbook ? Current Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that Apple has been working on things that haven’t even been rumoured. Of course , not everything will succeed and live to be seen by the eyes of the public , but this sure adds a bit of excitement and flare as to what we can look out for in the future , will they come out with the latest game changer within the tech industry? Only time will tell…… Read more about this here.

Well , that’s about it for this week folks ! I hope you guys had a nice weekend, once again this has been Jack bringing you the Weekly Byte. Stay tuned next week for more tech news, thanks for reading!


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