Viewqwest has announced that they are launching a new 1Gbps tier business broadband plan for Malaysia.

ViewQwest Business Broadband Plans

The earliest telco brand to introduce such the 1Gbps speed for businesses, another 800Mbps tier is also getting added into the mix to provide businesses of all sizes running data-intensive tasks and tools to facilitate their day-to-day operation at a higher efficiency. As part of their campaign, the 1Gbps plan will be offered at an introductory price starting from RM338 monthly (First Year) for those who sign up for a 3-year contract while the remaining 2-years will have the monthly fee settled at RM378. Optionally, customers can also opt-in for a shorter 2-year contract at RM348 per month at 1st-year and RM388 the second year.

Additionally, all new subscribers of either the 1Gbps, 800Mbps, 500Mbps, or 300Mbps will receive a Wi-Fi 6 mesh router system to fulfill ViewQwest’s Zero-Traffic Shaping policy that equally provides the available bandwidth across all applications with Latency-Based Routing optimizing every network traffic for the fastest response time possible. If needed, users can add static IPs to their plan at just RM10 per month to enable features that use static addresses including remote access, FTP, and more.


The ViewQwest 1Gbps and 800Mbps business broadband plans are now available for application across Klang Valley and selected places in Johor Bahru. Is the location too vague? Click here to check out the specific areas covered by the service.


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