The University of Nottingham (UNM) has announced that they are ready to the NVIDIA DGX A100 system over at the Malaysia branch to embrace high-performance computing for AI research, teaching, and learning.


Preparing for full operations at the end of next month, the university is expecting higher throughput and an increase in efficiency for all the undergraduate and post-graduate students within the AI research major by taking advantage of NVIDIA’s industry-leading machine learning algorithm and powerful equipment to address global challenges in a number of areas such as advanced data analysis, computer vision, neural computation and more in which all of them are used to develop sustainable societies, workplace inclusion, nanotechnology, and smart manufacturing.

To address all of these heavy computation demands, UNM is turning to NVIDIA’s DGX A100 system, a universal system capable of delivering 5 petaflops of AI performance with unprecedented compute density, performance, and flexibility thanks to the MultiInstance GPU technology allocating computing capabilities across every AI workload. Centralizing HCP and GPU solutions to further accelerate research outputs, the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, which provides hands-on self-learning tools to advance knowledge in areas such as AI, accelerated computing, accelerated data science, graphics, and simulation, is there to help fellow students to take a step into the field.

As the announcement just came in this week, this may be the final trigger for rising students interested in the AI research field to enroll at the University of Nottingham thanks to the actual and practical hardware present within the campus. That’s good news to know!


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