Armaggeddon is a renowned brand in the local gaming community for its budget oriented gaming peripherals, we have reviewed quite a number of their products that is worth recommending for gamers on a tight budget. Just recently, a care package from Armaggeddon containing the Molotov-3 mobile gaming headset arrived at Tech Critter’s lab.

Armaggeddon has specifically mentioned that the Molotov-3 is a ‘Mobile Gaming Headset’ instead of the usual ‘Gaming Headset’ we’ve seen on the market, but let’s find out how will it perform if we try it out on a non-mobile device?


The Molotov-3 comes in a grey minimalist box with a boastful statement of ‘The Ultimate Mobile Gaming Headset’ along with some of its features highlighted at the front of the box.

If you need more information of the Molotov-3, a brief but detailed list of information can be found on the side of the box.

The back of the box contains information in regards to the Molotov-3 in various languages, as well as a brief information on Armaggeddon itself, manufacturer’s warranty etc.

Opening the lid reveals a small cutout window on the box allows user to see the actual product without having to open up the entire packaging.

The Content

Inside the box you’ll find the Molotov-3 mobile gaming headset, a “gooding” thick protective pouch, product warranty card and a audio jack splitter.

The anti-tangle flat cables, helps to prevent tangled cables when stored in narrow spaces.

The tiny microphone price located on the cable, looks like your ordinary microphone from your mobile phone headset.

Enjoying your mobile phone games and a wild random call just came out of nowhere? This is the button you can press to answer that wild random call.

The headband PU leather cushion isn’t too soft to the touch, but it’s still considered to be acceptable for the price you’re paying for.

The ear cups appears to be rather small, the drivers are definitely pressing against your ears for the entire time if you have big ears. PU leather cushion usually helps to isolate against noise from the outside while contains the sound within the ear cups for better overall experience, but things seems a little different in this case.

The Molotov-3 comes in a total of 4 design, the review unit we have here is the digital camouflage design.

Testing: Putting on the Armaggeddon Molotov-3

The very first thing we noticed at the moment we have it on our head is the small ear cups and direct clamping force that is applied directly onto our ears, which in the end causes discomfort after hours of usage. Definitely not the type of gaming headset for those with big ears.

Testing: Gaming on Mobile Devices

We’ve tried the Molotov-3 on a few selected mobile devices such as mobile phones and tables, Nintendo DS, Playstation Portable and we’re glad to report that it works on all the devices in our list.

Gaming wise, the overall sound quality is still acceptable as we’re not expecting any complicated sounds from the mobile games tested – Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Patapon 3, LocoRoco, God of War: Chains of Olympus, The World Ends With You, Mario Kart DS is among the game titles tested.

Testing: Gaming, Music, Movies on PC

While it does works okay for most game titles, the speech, music and sound effect heard from games is definitely less immersive due the fact that the Molotov-3 is more towards the bass compared to treble. For movies and music test, the Molotov-3 did fairly okay for movies and music that is infused with a lot of bass, but it’s an immediate let down if you switch to movies and music that focuses more on the speech and other micro sounds.

Testing: Microphone

We did a quick test on the microphone as well with recorded speech, skype call with different level of voice tones and the result turns out to be another let down. The volume of the recorded speech and skype call is so low and you will need to hold the microphone very close in order to deliver a clear speech to the recipient or record.


At the price of RM99.90, the Molotov-3 is an affordable gaming headset from Armaggeddon. Despite of all the complaints we have after trying it out for weeks, we can’t overlook the fact that the Armaggeddon Molotov-3 wasn’t really intended for PC Gamers who seek ultra decent sound quality from a budget gaming headset, but for mobile gamers who are looking for a decent gaming headset for their mobile devices. Hence, if you’re a PC gamer who is looking for a bang for the buck gaming headset, the Molotov-3 is definitely out of the question since it is made for mobile devices.

  • Pros
    • Affordable
    • Compatible with most mobile devices
    • Anti-tangle flat cables helps to prevent tangled cables when kept in narrow spaces
    • Comes with thick protective pouch
  • Cons
    • Not suitable for those with big ears due to the small ear cups
    • No volume control
    • Very low volume on the microphone


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