Ubisoft has just announced that the new Trackmania Spring 2023 campaign is now available as free content, bringing gamers new tracks, in-game enhancements, and many more; let’s have a look.

The new Spring 2023 Campaign includes 25 new tracks for players to race on and 100 additional medals to earn for free, alongside a new seasonal Prestige Skin that can be acquired by beating the campaign and Track Of The Day’s medals.

In terms of in-game improvements, players can now select their driver morphology in the garage, and a new club creation UI as well as a new reporting tool have been added. On top of that, over 150 new blocks are now available in the track editor, opening up a bunch of new possibilities for players to explore.

Ubisoft Trackmania Spring Campaign 2023 1

Now onto the part that competitive players love, the new Spring 2023 campaign is accessible for Bronze and Silver ranks in the Ranked 3v3 game mode, while the Trackmania World Tour Stage 2 tracks will be used for Gold, Master, and Trackmaster players.

Check out Trackmania’s official website for more information on the new Spring 2023 Campaign.


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