Ubisoft has recently announced its new free-to-play, 3rd-person shooter RPG mobile game from Tom Clancy’s The Division franchise: Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence, which will be available on iOS and Android via App Store and Google Play respectively.

Let’s talk a little about the plot first, The Division Resurgence sets in a modern-day post-crisis New York City and offers a unique viewpoint on key story events from The Division and The Division 2. As the chaos continues to wreak havoc in New York City, players will be tasked to protect civilians from hostile factions and aid them in building a better future as first-wave agents representing the Strategic Homeland Division.

Players will come across new characters with backstories and formidable foes with challenging abilities, as well as a brand-new storyline set in an open-world detailed urban environment with vivid graphics where they can freely roam around. The game offers a range of PvE activities from story missions to world activities and may be played solo or co-op.

Ubisoft Tom Clancy The Division Resurgence 1

What’s more, players can also personalize their characters by collecting and upgrading their gear to take on further challenges. As players level up and improve their skills, they will unlock new specializations with unique signature weapons and gadgets as well. These new strategic features will enable players to experiment with new abilities and find the optimal co-op synergy with fellow Division agents.

Visit the link below for more information about Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence.



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