There are specific brands that offers products that has been certified by Apple and Transcend is one of the few brands in the lists that offers a full range of Apple solutions for Mac users to upgrade their Mac computers. Unlike the Windows OS computers that most of us uses everyday, upgrading a Mac computer can be tough. Due to hardware compatibility issues, you can’t just pickup any SSD or memory modules from any brand and install it to your Mac computers and expect it to work like normal.


JetDrive Solid State Drive – The best SSD upgrade kits from Transcend

Transcend’s JetDrive SSDs are specially tailored for all Mac models that can be replaced with a new SSD. A JetDrive upgrade kit offers performance boost and storage increase of up to 960GB. Replacing the SSD is easy with the included tools and installation guide. What’s more, Transcend’s JetDrive SSD upgrade kits include an additional enclosure so that you can repurpose your old SSD as a blazing-fast external storage device.


StoreJet Portable Drive – Portable, Sturdy, and Elegant

Transcend’s StoreJet for Mac series is portable storage featuring a streamlined exterior and immense storage capacity up to 2TB. The sturdy metallic design complements your Mac with a sleek and elegant look. The StoreJet for Mac series offers incredible speeds by using SSD as storage media, and adopting the USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt interfaces.


JetDrive Lite Expansion Card- Plug and play

To make the most of Mac computers, Transcend’s JetDrive Lite expansion cards are tailored for different card slots and sit seamlessly with your MacBook. The JetDrive Lite is the quick and easy way to expand your Mac’s capacity. Simply insert it into a card slot, and instantly you’ve got up to 256GB of new storage space.


JetMemory Module – 100% tested and fully compatible

Need a real speed boost? Transcend’s JetMemory modules are fully compatible with Mac computers, and offer up to 128GB of expanded capacity. With built-in ECC (Error Correcting Code), you can perform all kinds of computationally-intensive projects while enjoying perfect stability. JetMemory is an excellent way to spark up the performance of a sluggish Mac.

Whether you need to boost the performance of an aging Mac, or add luster to a new one, Transcend has the right solution for you. Upgrading is as simple as can be, and the performance you’ll experience will amaze. In addition, Transcend’s Apple solutions meet Apple’s stringent safety, performance, and manufacturing standards, and come covered by Transcend’s industry-leading warranty.


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