TEAMGROUP’s gaming brand T-FORCE has recently announced the new CARDEA Ceramic C440 M.2 SSD where it is the first of its kind in the industry to be made with ceramic composite as its cooling materials while equipped with the latest PCIe 4.0 interface. They also managed to get the technology patented in Taiwan too.

The snow-white ceramic comes with a unique texture while achieving an excellent heat dissipation effect. The blue PCB, white ceramic with sparkly gold etchings brings a fresh combination of colors into the gaming world while keeping it simplistic yet powerful.


The T-FORCE CARDEA Ceramic C440 strikes the heart of high-end enthusiasts levels of standards by utilizing the PCIe Gen4x4 interface with NVMe 1.3 specifications to achieve a sequential read/write speed of 5,000/4,400 MB/s. To cool off the heat generated by its extreme performance, the use of aerospace ceramic composite for the heat spreader could reduce temperature up to 18% than conventional SSDs.

It also multi-resistant to electromagnetic, shock, temperature which expands its overall longevity and by manufacturing it with environmentally friendly materials, it is RoHS compliant as well. There are multiple variants of storage capacity available to your likings which can go up to 2TB thanks to the use of 3D NAND. If you plan to upgrade early and using it in a PCIe 3.0 environment, it is backward compatible too, making it future proof and saving a couple of bucks for you along the way.

The price for Malaysian market has not been announced yet, the post will be updated once we get hold of the official pricing. Let us know if you would like us to review it as well.

Head over to the link below to find out the full details and specification about the thin ceramic boy:


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