TEAMGROUP has decided that they are going to push the M.2 SSD cooling game to the next level by revealing a new dedicated liquid cooler during the latest online launch that happened yesterday.


Named as the T-FORCE Cardea Liquid II, TEAMGROUP essentially packed the “looped water” concept of AIO coolers used for CPU and into the new cooler and made the fittings dedicated to its line of different SSDs such as the CARDEA A440 and C440. Their reason for this is as PCIe standards move forward and introduce faster speed resulting in a whack ton of heat being expelled, it is time to tackle the problem from the physical level. Well, this can be one of the ways to fix the problem if your rig has enough speed to fit the cooler in the first place.

As the product is still in the development phase, I personally hope they can cut the size of the cooler down to be able to sit in, let’s say, an mATX case would be good enough? Additionally, they are looking for public feedback so perhaps all of us can contribute to the development of what might be the world’s 1st commercially available M.2 SSD liquid cooler.


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