TEAMGROUP expands its list of non-volatile memory solutions by announcing the new MP34Q PCIe NVMe SSD and HIGH ENDURANCE microSD card.


First up, the MP34Q provides a whack ton of storage at a competitive price point for the cost-per-GigaByte ratio where the biggest capacity is rated at 8TB. Despite it is a PCIe 3.0 NVMe drive, its access speed of 3.4GB/s reads and 3.0GB/s writes is already sufficient for casual to semi-heavy workloads thanks to the implementation of the SLC and DRAM buffer cache. Therefore, it is a simple yet highly cost-effective drive.


Meanwhile, the HIGH ENDURANCE microSD card as explained by its name, touts high writing and physical endurance towards high and low temperatures while being shock, water, static, and x-ray proof to be the one solution you need for even the most extreme setup deployment. Having a Video Speed Class V30 certification also means that it can fully support 1080p and 4K recording and playback with ease. On average, the drive is capable of writing in a total of 40,000 hours of surveillance footage, making it one of the go-to solutions for local storage-based CCTV systems.


Both the MP34Q PCIe NVMe SSD and HIGH ENDURANCE Memory Card are slated for release in August but in different stages. The latter moves into the market slightly earlier than the former with the following capacities and price.

  • MP34Q PCIe NVMe SSD (Mid August)
    • 2TB: USD299.99 (~RM1,262.56)
    • 4TB: USD699.99 (~RM2,945.98)
    • 8TB: USD1299.99 (~RM5,471.30)
  • HIGH ENDURANCE Memory Card (Early August)
    • 64GB: USD12.99 (~RM54.71)
    • 128GB USD21.99 (~RM92.59)
    • 256GB: USD35.99 (~RM151.51)

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