A few weeks ago we saw TEAMGROUP’s announcement on their latest M.2 SSD with graphene copper foil that cools off the device with better efficiency. The patented design not only shows that R&D skills are necessary but sometimes innovative ideas need to combine with the untouched market to gather the public’s interest and attention towards the product. With this time, they revealed what could be the world’s 1st USB flash drive with RGB lighting, the T-FORCE SPARK alongside the ELITE SDXC SD card.


The T-FORCE SPARK RGB USB flash drive

Let’s welcome the latest category in the RGB family, the USB flash drive. TEAMGROUP’s take on this product includes a slider for revealing the header while protecting it when it is sheathed. Read and writes are portrayed through the use of blue, yellow, and red colours but surprisingly, the RGB lights act as a capacity bar too so that you are aware of the remaining space. A nice QoL function but I doubt it’s better than just open up File Explorer and check the exact value though.

Well, if you need to connect pins from your chassis to the motherboard to show disk IOPs, you might as well need a lighting source for your thumb drive to show its properly powered and detectable too. Apparently, the device will work on consoles too so no PC vs Console war this time around.



The ELITE SDXC SD card features a 90MB/45MB per second read and write speed that is designed for recording 4K Ultra HD footage that cameras such as DSLRs are able to achieve and utilizing the storage to its full potential due to its UHS-I specification and Video Speed Class 30 classification. The chips are encased within a tough case that is water and shockproofs alongside extreme temperature resistance coupled with anti-X-ray and static nullification.


The T-FORCE SPARK RGB USB flash drive is currently priced at $25USD which is currently the one and only model while the ELITE SDXC SD card is at $14.99USD for 64GB, $22.99USD for 128GB, and $40.99USD for 256GB. Prices in Malaysia may vary according to vendors.

Learn more about them through the links below.

TEAMGROUP T-FORCE SPARK RGB USB Flash Drive: https://www.teamgroupinc.com/en/product/spark-rgb-ufd

TEAMGROUP ELITE SDXC SD Card: https://www.teamgroupinc.com/en/product/elite-sdxc


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