TEAMGROUP’s latest DDR5 product talks zero lighting but are full of power and it is none other than the ELITE U-DIMM DDR5 RAM kit.


With the T-FORCE DELTA handling the gaming market sufficiently, these memory kits of the ELITE U-DIMM DDR5 provide all the goodies that one can find in the latest generation of DDR technology where it can operate between 4800MHz and 5600MHz steadily at 1.1V and as a result, users can have both high performance and power-saving benefits at the same time. Perfect for those seeking performance without giving one bit of care to aesthetics, these new RAM modules should do the trick and they come in configurations of 2x8GB, 2x16GB, and 2x32GB to fulfill even the strongest demand in a consumer setting.


As TEAMGROUP slowly ships these things across the world, it should be slightly cheaper than the T-FORCE DELTA RGB DDR5 6200MHz‘s RM1800+ but it is still a hefty price to pay for enjoying blazing speed right now. But if you have the bucks, order them when you see them!

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