The Taiwan Excellence Award is always about showcasing the best to the world and Malaysia is pretty much one of the recurring countries to get an annual expo but with COVID-19 disrupting pretty much any physical event, it is not until this year that the event gets restarted.

So, we had a chance to cover three of the exhibitors who are part of the total 18 winners of the Taiwan Excellence Award that thrived in their respective categories via an outstanding product. Let’s find out what’s so special about them, shall we.

Recreation and Sports – CAGEBOT


The first brand to stand on the podium is CAGEBOT by SHA YANG YE Industrial Co. Ltd showing off the Mars E1.

Already had their business journey engaged since 1980, they are one of the industry’s real professionals in creating micro geared motors, servo motors, encoders, intellectual automation devices, robots, etc.

Growing steadily and healthy over the years, SHA YANG YE has harvested a good reputation in other industries as well including the auto industry, industrial automation, consumer product automation, medical appliance, and communication industry. The philosophy of “Harmonic, Truthful, and Innovative ” in management is what makes them unique.


Let’s take a look at the Mars E1. Designed in German while produced locally in Taiwan, it is made using only high-industrial-grade plastic, the blocks can be stacked or loaded with their inner structure gaining stability thanks to the metal connectors and screw locks. Looking at the core structure, the main self-made miniature reduction DC motor is created to output high speed with high wear resistance.

With lots of features including built-in infrared, buttons, LEDs, and even AI recognition, the user can decide what to use and control the entire system via the CAGEBOT control board or Cagebot_blockly application. Therefore, the Mars E1 is the best building blocks-based educational kit that can ignite the creative spirit of learners of all ages as multiple forms of extension modules and hole combinations can create basically anything the user wants.

As the winner of this year’s Recreation and Sports category as well as scoring once back in 2020 as well, SHA YANG YE hopes that the Malaysian realm can send out some competitors to join the Top International Robotic Tournament (TIRT) and use more CABOT kits when travel borders across the world get back to normal.

PC and Software – InWin

In Win B1 Mesh

Next, we have the winner in the PC and Software category which is InWin leading the B1 Mesh and B1 Pure mini-ITX PC chassis.

A company found in 1985, In Win Development Inc. specializes in designing and manufacturing computer chassis, server chassis, power supplies, IPC products, and tech accessories. Following strict regulations to develop high-quality products, the slogan “Contemporary and Innovative” have served them for over 35 years.

Focusing on the B1 Mesh and B1 Pure, it sports an unorthodox design that most people would call a “coffee table” or “speaker”.

However, the design inspiration actually came from “bowls”. You know, crucibles. Anyway, by combining grille layers, curve shapes, and overlapping elements, the B1 Mesh and B1 Pure is created with not the conventional joint construction, but instead, an integral molding method in order to create the perfect ellipse with mellow lines and soft angles.

InWin B1 Pure

Looking from the practical aspect, the grille layer is actually the air vent for the needed airflow to go through while the side panel can pick from either mesh to show off the internal parts or a classic. Additionally, it weighs only 1.9kg which makes it very portable and adjustable since the special design makes use of both horizontal and vertical space effectively.

Assessing their market coverage, InWin is mostly targeting the SEA region which includes Malaysia as well, and has been in the business for more than 20 years and continues to provide the local partners with the best solutions and products.

Regarding sales in the future, due to the transition into the endemic phase while the issue of inflation and war boosts cost and shorts out raw material supplies means that the overall sales for this year and next year are expected to be lower than forecasted.

When asked about the direction of upcoming products. InWin has different approaches depending on their customer. For corporate deployments, they are gonna play it safe and just stick to whatever the customer’s requirements are in order to create a customized solution that is both affordable and tightly integrated. Whereas the gaming rig scene will be receiving more attention in innovation and advanced creativity work while the IPC sector dedicates its resources as an OEM to produce specific products and applications for partners and clients.

Best Gaming Laptop – MSI

MSI Raider GE76 - 12U

I don’t think we need much introduction for this brand. As one of the leading brands across the world that produce some of the best gaming devices, peripherals, and gears out there, MSI’s global presence spans over 120 countries with its portfolio containing a whole lot of laptops, graphics cards, monitors, motherboards, desktops, peripherals, servers, IPCs, robotic appliances, as well as vehicle infotainment and telematics systems are globally acclaimed.

MSI Raider GE76 - 12U

While MSI has 3 different markets to cover which are gaming, content creators, and business users, they have all the necessary equipment and factory to complete the entire production process from design, testing, and manufacturing to tech support and the premium laptop in the market, such as the Raider GE76, that rocks the most powerful computing hardware of the year hosted inside a stylishly designed chassis, fulfills the need of gamers on the go.

The company is having a great track record even during the pandemic period. Recorded during October 2021 and January 2022, MSI dominated the USA market to snag the crown of ‘Highest Retail Gaming Laptop Market Share’.

True to their core belief, they will not stop providing the very best that money can buy together with a great user experience by elevating the latest technology to satiate the growing needs of any client they come into.

TAIWAN EXPO 2022 in Malaysia

TAIWAN EXPO Malaysia 2022

After looking through these three exhibitors, we are pleased to inform you that Taiwan Excellence will be showcasing in the TAIWAN EXPO 2022 in Malaysia once again over the period of August 2 until August 7 and the location is over at Sunway Velocity Mall, Kuala Lumpur.

Click here to visit the ‘TAIWAN Excellence’ Facebook page to get more information.


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