We live in a digital era where many of our livelihoods and entertainments are depending on the technology. That said, while general consumers might think that smartphones and computers are the main drivers of tech advancement, little did they know that most of the time, it takes more than just excellent consumer hardware to put a great idea in action.

Taiwan Excellence held a live stream press conference showcasing some of the tech industry’s innovative AI and Cyber Security Solutions. It is a perfect demonstration of how advanced solutions can be brought to the mass market through the combination of hardware and software implementation.

iEi FLEX AIoT Development Kit

AI Solution and Cyber Security Conference 01 iEi

IEI’s latest FLEX AIoT development kit is designed to support researchers and developers who are looking for a versatile yet powerful computing platform. The kit has plenty of expansion capability and supports up to four accelerator cards to provide an enhanced AI computing performance. The palm-sized AI embedded system – ITG-100AI, is preinstalled with two Intel Myriad X VPUs for AI deep learning while consuming only 7.5W power. Through the help of AI accelerator modules, it can run 20 times faster than any other embedded system with Celeron CPUs.

AI Solution and Cyber Security Conference 02 iEi demo

During the live stream, we saw a quick demo of how the system can be used as a traffic monitoring system. Another separate system involves using a camera to analyse a driver’s facial expression and alert when he/she got distracted from the road. This is an excellent showcase of functionality and features that could be useful for street planners as well as drivers. Perhaps the driver attention detection system is still far from implementation on private vehicles, however, it is a notoriously useful function especially for trucks and public transport drivers.

This video shows us how their system is being used for car number plate recognition and traffic management in the city. “IEI’s Mustang AI Accelerators have a variety of features to help AI development, such as supporting cross-platform, powered by Intel OpenVINO toolkit and compact size and with power efficiency, which is ideal for edge AI applications,” said iEi Director Don Yu.

ticc contact center on cloud by TSTi (Tatung System Technologies Inc.)

AI Solution and Cyber Security Conference 03 tsti

If you ever made a call to a call center, have you wondered how the team behind actually help to resolve your problem? ticc contact center on the cloud is the brainchild of TSTI Group through decades of experience of establishing enterprise-level call-centres and combining it with the cloud technology capabilities. TSTi Group Product Manager, Viz Lai, explained how the ticc contact center on cloud can collate text messages from an enterprise’s official website, their public service email, and their corporate social media pages. Information such as customer details, enquiries as well as agent’s support will be consolidated into the call center web portal, which could accelerate the response speed and accuracy of the agents’ daily tasks.

Another great benefit of cloud technologies is that business owners can operate the ticc contact center on cloud anytime and anywhere without the requirement to have a client system installed on the device. As such, this kind of system is extremely versatile for companies who are looking for contact center solution for their business.

Zyxel USG FLEX Firewalls

AI Solution and Cyber Security Conference 04 Zyxel

The digital information age means we’re relying on the Internet to get access and store our important data, be it personal or commercial. That said, network security has become an inseparable component of a private network, in particular a business network that might host a number of sensitive information. Zyxel Networks showcased their all-new USG FLEX series of mid-range firewalls designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to keep up with workplace mobility, connectivity and security requirements. The USG FLEX 100/200/500 firewalls feature upgraded hardware and software that increases the SMB Firewall security performance by up to 125 percent and up to an additional 500 percent Unified Threat Management (UTM) performance. This provides robust, scalable network security and comprehensive hotspot functions to fulfil business needs.

Integrated with the McAfee anti-malware solution. The USG Flex series firewall box will fit today’s business security landscape and securing the business crucial data. Zyxel Product Line Manager, Caroline Kuan mentioned that USG FLEX series also got excellent reviews from worldwide media and tech posters and won MKB Proof Award for 2020.

For those who are interested, Zyxel actually uploaded a one-hour long webinar talking about the new firewall system.

NETCenter by The Syscom Group

AI Solution and Cyber Security Conference 05 The Syscom Group

A network’s quality of service management is a crucial service, especially for modern business. We rely on network connectivities to communicate, to access information, to execute financial transactions and more. All it takes is a misconfiguration or Internet downtime to cripple a business operation and efficiency. NETCenter by The Syscom Group is an integration and management application which assists with various management functions such as fault identification, configuration, accounting, performance and security.

It supports a variety of monitoring dashboards, through the simple and easy-to-understand dashboards to allow managers to master the quality of operations. The system integrates with network equipment and it can bring a lot of value to a company’s IT team. Imagine the time saving as it will automatically alert if there’s any fault with the network and the engineers will straight away work on the solutions instead of wasting time at troubleshooting.

On top of that, the system also has remote functionality through the web application. This is tremendously useful as you don’t have to rely on any third-party add-ons or front-end applications. This further strengthens the support capability of the system in case the disruption requires external support to resolve.

BPAGS by BankPro e-Service Technology Co., Ltd.

AI Solution and Cyber Security Conference 06 BankPro

The rise of online shopping and e-commerce marketplace doesn’t just bring more business expansion for retailers. Remember, logistics plays a huge role in this e-shopping as physical products still need to be shipped to the end-customer to complete a deal. BankPro e-Services Technology provides BPAGS as a complete solution to logistics management. It is a combination of eLogistics and warehouse management system to provide customers with one-stop integrated service. It covers logistics, data flow for warehousing, distribution, inventory management and more. It is an excellent solution for business that are looking to fully integrate their systems for a better and more efficient operations

LaFresh Information Co., Ltd.

AI Solution and Cyber Security Conference 06 La Fresh

LaFresh Information is a smart retail system provider that offers a software system for businesses. They have one of the most complete and integrated smart retail system that covers all kind of industry requirements. Systems such as POS, KIOSK, digital signage, QR code ordering and even white-label brand app are available for partners.

On top of the omnichannel system for ordering the integrated solutions for smart retail also incorporating multiple mobile payment methods and other applications of Cloud services such as data analysis and image recognition. The company’s products are primarily sold to brand customers and distributors worldwide in a vast range of industries including restaurant & food, retail, DS & HM, health, hospital, entertainment and tourism among others.

This kind of solution is probably the most common ones we can see at restaurants. For instance, the waiter prints a QR code for customers to scan and load digital food menu. Customer can immediately order and pay on their mobile device digitally without even the need for a waiter’s intervention.


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