The World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) Malaysia will be taking place on this 18th until 20th November, featuring the latest technology and innovation conversations. It is a signature event of the World Information Technology & Services Alliance (WITSA) whereby the consortium has participants from over 83 countries representing 90% of the industry. The Taiwan Excellence will be setting up a virtual 3D Pavilion in WCIT online site to showcase Taiwan’s best innovations across industries. Visitors can get up close with 21 innovative solutions by 13 Taiwanese companies, comprising 3 main categories, including consumer electronics, ICT and lifestyle gadgets.

Special thanks to the Taiwan Excellence whereby we interviewed three of the award-winning companies in regards to their achievements and future plan in the expansion of their business.

Bubblingplus Surprise Bottle

Dirk Yang (Executive Director)

Her Sheng Chang International Co., Ltd started as a household product manufacturer and design company that supplies metal home appliances worldwide. After years of experience in R&D, design and manufacturing, we have successfully designed a unique product in making molecule beverages – Bubblingplus Surprise Bottle.

01 bubblingplus 01

Self-made sparkling water or soda water is extremely popular in the European countries and the same trend has been on the rise especially in the ASEAN community as well. Unlike the standard soda machine which it’s sole purpose is to make carbonated drinks, our patented design is capable of making carbonated drinks as well as making nitrogen-infused drinks such as the widely popular nitro coffee.

In case you’ve never heard of nitro coffee before, it is a type of cold brew coffee that has been infused with nitrogen. It adds extra richness and sweetness to the coffee without the need of sugar additives. Besides, the nitro coffee is always served in a transparent glass because of the outstanding foamy visual element that seems like the Guinness stout. The usage is extremely simple as you just need to switch the gas canister and you can make your favourite drink in a short period of time. Due to the molecular gas infusion process, we also found out some of our users have been using our Bubblingplus Surprise bottle in the process of making healthy drinks. This makes the healthy elements in the drink easier to be absorbed by our digestive system.

01 bubblingplus 02

During our participation in various exhibitions and conventions such as the CES 2020 during January, the Bubblingplus Surprise Bottle has gathered a lot of attention because of its unique features and benefits. Right now we have already been supplying our product to customers overseas especially Japan where the demand had been great over there. In Malaysia, have started working with local partners to bring this gadget to the market. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, things have slowed down quite a bit especially physical events have to be cancelled while restaurants and cafes business also got affected. That said, our company will be shifting our marketing focus to more online events. We know it is a difficult challenge especially when our product relies on the surprise element when customers take the first sip of the drink. Nonetheless, we have been providing sample units and demonstration services to our partners so customers who are interested to learn more can get in touch for further assistance.

Contact Details:

[email protected]

Vinaera Pro Adjustable Electric Wine Aerator

Jacqueline Hsiao (Managing Director)

02 Vinaera Pro MV7 01

Vinaera, the brand that was created by Mercuries Asia Ltd. has sold in more than 20 countries as The World’s First Electric Wine Aerator. To date, this 23-year-old company still holds the world’s largest brand for electric wine aerator in the industry. When you open a bottle of wine, due to the ethanol in the wine, the medicine-like smell can be off-putting. Hence, the act of aerating wine is simply meant to expose the wine to the air, giving the wine a chance to “breathe”. The reaction between the wine and the elements in the air will change the flavour of the wine thus improving the quality of the wine.

02 Vinaera Pro MV7 02

Traditionally, this aeration process is done by simply uncork the wine earlier before the meal and pour the wine into a glass decanter. This will take hours depending on the wine type. Some wine will require up to 180 minutes of aeration which is not easy to manage especially for restaurants or during a house party. Our Vinaera Pro adjustable electric wine aerator that comes with patented Venturi Effect design makes this process a breeze. User will just have to uncork the wine and install the Vinaera Pro on the bottle and it is ready to be used. There is an adjustment knob on the device to select the aeration level up to 180 minutes. However, instead of waiting for 180 minutes, a touch of the button at the top of the Vinaera Pro will immediately mix the air and dispense the wine that tastes like it has been decanted for 180 minutes. This process is easy, fast and most importantly time-saving. The adjustable nature of the aerator also allows the consumer to decide which aeration time is best suited for their test. They just have to simply turn the dial, dispense and taste.

As mentioned earlier, our product has been sold to more than 20 countries in the world and it is also available in Malaysia. We had huge plans for the Malaysian market especially when Taiwan Excellence has given us the recognition, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, physical events such as exhibitions and wine tasting events have to be cancelled. That introduces a challenge to our marketing effort especially when Vinaera Pro will shine best when customers taste the wine. Despite so, we are still working closely with local premium wine outlets to educate the consumers of the wine tasting culture as well as promoting the Vinaera Pro.

Contact details:

[email protected]

G-WINNER Commercial Hood Dishwasher

Kelly Hsu (Sales Manager)

ADW 7200CFhood dishwasher 2

G-WINNER has near 30 years of professional experience in batch manufacturing or making customised commercial dishwashing equipment and industrial washing equipment. Apart from the machinery production and services, our company also offers full-line or factory planning services for our customers. Our award-winning ADW-7200CF commercial hood dishwashing that is CE, HACCP & ISO 2200 certified is part of our comprehensive catalogue of machinery. It has a quick washing speed that could handle about at least 30 and up to 90 racks per hour. The significant benefit of the washer is its water-saving feature that consumes only 2.8 litres per rack. While dishwasher may sound like a product that mainly supplied to the hospitality industry, our products can also be catered to various other industries that require the usage of cleaning such as manufacturing and even the medical industry.

We have customers across the globe and currently looking into the expansion in Malaysia. Our subsidiary company located in Singapore has high hopes in achieving great results in the local scene especially when the local industry is looking into the direction of eco-friendly machinery products that would save water, electricity, manpower and time. While we have previously exhibited in conventions in Taiwan and Shanghai, WCIT would be the first time for us to exhibit in Malaysia. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the actual physical exhibition has to be changed to a virtual exhibition which is some ways has its effect on us. Besides, not to mention how the global hospitality industry has been hit by the social distancing rules. Hence, our company has been working closely with our existing customers to support their needs and at the same time for new customers, committing to various options such as leasing and contracting to ease the burden towards a comprehensive business strategy.

In other words, G-Winner will always view environmental protection as the core business – reduce the use of disposable tableware and take the extra mile to protect the mother nature. All of those are to be achieved by combining cutting edge technology for a safe, hygiene and environmental friendly goal.

Contact details:

[email protected]

Regarding Taiwan Excellence

Taiwan Excellence Award was established in 1993 by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs with the aim of recognising outstanding products from Taiwan. Products shortlisted for the annual award are proudly made in Taiwan and are judged on their R&D, Design, Quality and Marketing with a key emphasis on Innovative Value. The products that passed the stringent selection process will proudly wear the Taiwan Excellence mark and are promoted in the domestic and international markets to strengthen Taiwan’s reputation as the hub of innovation.

Visitors are welcomed to visit Smart Taiwan Virtual Pavilion at


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