Rhythm games, while inherently competitive, often struggle to reach the mainstream esports scene due to their niche appeal. With a steep learning curve, lower popularity compared to genres like MOBAs and FPS games, and limited financial backing, their growth is frequently restricted. However, this hasn’t hindered the vibrant rhythm game community, especially in regions like Japan and Korea.

Here in Malaysia, passionate players have cultivated a thriving competitive scene. Recently, Imotogekai Gaming, a local group of rhythm game aficionados, organized the first-ever Sound Voltex Score Rally ’24 mini-tournament on June 23, 2024. You can check out the complete live stream of the tournament here:

A Historic First for Malaysia

The tournament took place at Cross Fire @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre, the only location in Malaysia with a Sound Voltex arcade cabinet. Imotogekai Gaming, through collaboration with the arcade operator, turned their vision into reality.

Despite being a self-funded, small-scale team, they pulled off an event that exceeded expectations, showcasing their dedication and the community’s enthusiasm. Their well-equipped setup and the tournament’s scale impressed everyone, highlighting the growing interest in rhythm games in Malaysia. A Community Unites

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Thirteen active community members competed in a double-elimination bracket format, performing on a carefully curated song list. The playoffs lasted about five hours and were filled with excitement and energy. Cheers erupted from participants, bystanders, and even random shoppers who were captivated by the vibrant event.

RoundNo.Song NameTech.LevelInt.Ver.
Round of 16


1Wheel地力HVN 17CB
2Booths of Fighters鍵盤EXH 17A+II
3BlossomつまみMXM 18EEG
Loser Round 11Second Heaven GravityPfArrange鍵盤MXM 16EHH
2The setting sunつまみEXH 17EGW
3Double Universe地力GRV 17B+II
Quarter Finals


1Butterfly Twist地力MXM 18DVV
2croiX鍵盤INF 18BB
3Venomous Firefly地力MXM 18A+HH
Loser Round 21New LeafつまみMXM 18DHH
2Prayer(ぺのれり)地力EXH 18CGW
3Leviathan鍵盤MXM 18CVW
Loser Round 31HAELE III ~Angel Worlds~鍵盤GRV 18CGW
2OnigoつまみHVN 18BB
Semi Finals


1キュリオシティ鍵盤MXM 18A+HH
3Got more raves?地力HVN 19EGW
Loser Round 41SHARK IMPACTつまみMXM 18CEG
2Aerial Fortress鍵盤MXM 18A+VW
3Lord=Crossight地力GRV 19FGW
Loser Round 51Fox4-Raize-つまみEXH 18CGW
Finals1[ ]DENTITY地力MXM 19BEG
2For UltraPlayers地力HVN 19AII
Loser Finals1大宇宙ステージ鍵盤GRV 19EB
3Absurd Gaff (Metallize Remix)地力MXM 19CEG
Grand Final1Xb10r地力MXM 19SEG
3Bl∞min’地力MXM 20SEG

Sound Voltex Score Rally 2024 Bracket

While all participants showcased their skills, only one could be crowned the champion. After a day of intense competition, HAKU emerged victorious. FLXCATUS and KIYUN secured the first and second runner-up positions, respectively.

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A Champion’s Insight

In an exclusive interview, HAKU shared his experiences and insights:

Q: Is this your first tournament win?
A: “I’ve won programming competitions before, but this is my first rhythm game tournament victory.”

Q: Anyone you’d like to thank?
A: “Thanks to the organizers and their staff. Organizing a tournament for a game like Sound Voltex with a smaller community is challenging. This event wouldn’t have been possible without them and the participating players.”

Q: Favorite songs/charts?
A:‘Xb10r’ by 隣の庭は青い(庭師+Aoi) chosen by my competitor Chee Hong (IGN: FLXCATUS).”

Q: Grand Finals strategy?
A: “I chose ‘VOLAQUAS’ by BEMANI Sound Team “DJ TOTTO VS 兎々” because it’s my most stable song, consistently achieving S Rank on Maximum difficulty.”

Q: Most difficult song/chart?
A:‘ENDYMION’ by fallen shepherd ft. RabbiTon Strings (MXM 19).”

Q: Exceptionally challenging songs outside the tournament?
A: “‘Erm, could it be a Spatiotemporal ShockWAVE Syndrome…?’ by かめりあ (MXM 20).”

Expanding the Sound Voltex Community

HAKU acknowledges the smaller size of the Sound Voltex community but believes that increasing the player base and the availability of arcade cabinets are crucial for its sustainability. He suggests Sunway Velocity Mall in Kuala Lumpur as an ideal location for additional cabinets, given the existing player base.

Beyond Sound Voltex

HAKU also sees potential in Beatmania IIDX, another Bemani game, to thrive in the Malaysian market. He advocates for more events, including small competitions, mini-events, and score attack challenges, to strengthen the community further. With all four Sound Voltex cabinets currently available at Cross Fire @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre, there’s a significant opportunity to host such events.

Learning and Growing Together

HAKU highlights the supportive and collaborative spirit within the community. He mentions the strategic use of the built-in Mirror Mode by participant “KIYUN” during the tournament, showcasing the players’ ingenuity and willingness to share knowledge.

Looking to the Future

When asked about future event ideas, HAKU suggests a token-based challenge where the first player to clear a difficult song wins the tokens. He concludes by expressing his gratitude to the tournament organizers, underlining the importance of their efforts in fostering the rhythm game community in Malaysia.

Sound Voltex Score Rally 2024 Group Photo


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