Want to spice up your rig with more rainbow lights when it is clearly not enough for you? Then find that joy in the new SlevLink ARGB Extension Cable.

SlevLink ARGB Extension Cable 1

Brought to you by Fusion Tech Supply, the 18AWG-rated cable comes in a simple Black or White finish encased within a silicone filled with an array of LEDs capable of lighting the strip like a Christmas tree.

Also, there are no weird connectors required since it uses the typical 5V ARGB 3-pin header and not only there is the choice of the standard 24-pin motherboard connector but also the 8-pin PCIe connectors for the GPU (a pack contains two by the way).

Price and Availability

Cop one of these for yourself at the price of RM119 for the 8-pin PCIe pack or RM129 for the 24-pin motherboard variant instead, available on Shopee right now.


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