Chemical contamination that was found at one of Samsung Electronics’ manufacturing plant few weeks ago has impacted the production of Samsung memory products. According to Business Korea, the cause of the contamination has been identified on an 8-inch wafer line that is used for 1x nm-class DRAM production.

Samsung DRAM Manufacturing Contamination 2019

Officials at Samsung Electronics have acknowledged the problem and claimed that the matter has already been taken care of. While Samsung estimated the damage to be billions of Korean won (millions of dollars), some experts say that the damage could be far more than what the company has estimated.

Defects caused by contamination in semiconductor manufacturing can be pretty disastrous and the clean-up cost is never cheap, just like the contamination happened at TSMC earlier this year which caused a whopping $550 million loss in revenue. Samsung is definitely taking a heavy blow from this incident but let’s hope that there won’t be any radical price increase in memory products anytime soon.


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