RX 480 Slayer? GTX 1060 Specifications Leaked! 7
While the supposed king of value AMD Radeon RX 480 tries to amaze the end users with its price over performance factor, NVIDIA is secretly plotting on its GTX 1060 to overthrow the king. Information such as photos and specifications has been leaked throughout the weeks after AMD launched its Radeon RX 480 in Computex 2016. Not too long ago, alleged presentation slide of the GTX 1060 has been published on videocardz.com.
RX 480 Slayer? GTX 1060 Specifications Leaked! 8
The previous leaked specifications of 1100MHz Base Clock with 50 MHz boost, 6000MHz effective Memory Clock, 4GB GDDR5 Memory and 256-bit Bus Width is pretty much busted as we can see a much higher Boost Clock of 1.7GHz, 6GB GDDR5 Memory and 192-bit Bus Width.
RX 480 Slayer? GTX 1060 Specifications Leaked! 9
Down to performance comparison, this will make AMD Rx 480 owner shed some tears as we’re seeing a pretty huge performance gap between those two. While the GTX 1060 takes the trophy for its performance and power efficiency over the RX 480, the final price will still be the main factor to decide whether the GTX 1060 can truly overthrow the current king of value RX 480 as NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards usually comes at a higher price point compared to AMD Radeon graphics cards. 
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