ASUS Republic of Gamers has announced an all-new line up of new gaming gears at Computex 2019.

Products revealed include the ROG Theta and Theta Electret gaming headsets; ROG Strix XG17 portable gaming monitor; ROG Strix power supplies; ROG Strix LC 120/240/360 RGB all-in-one (AIO) liquid coolers and Aura Creator (beta), an all-new app for next-level control of Aura Sync illumination.

ROG Theta

The Theta takes its design inspiration from the ROG Centurion but with a different arrangement of drivers inside the ear cup. True 7.1 headphones conventionally would require 5 drivers on each side – front, side, rear, centre and bass. Since larger drivers are able to produce deeper bass, what ASUS has done here is simply remove the bass driver and enlarge the rest of the drivers. Which means the subwoofer is virtually generated through the combination of software and larger standard driver.

While ASUS has claimed that the noise-cancelling microphone is AI-powered to cancel out over 50-million varieties of external sound, the actual performance remains to be heard when we have the chance to test it out. The ESS SABRE9601 Quad Amp DAC which is similar to the ones on the high-end ROG motherboards is to deliver home-theatre-grade audio output.

ROG Theta Electret

ASUS ROG Showcases New Gaming Gears at Computex 2019 3

The Theta Electret, on the other hand, is a stereo headphone with both electret and dynamic drivers. Electret drivers are constructed from silver-plated copper wire and it is best for high-frequency sound reproduction. Combined with the dynamic driver as the subwoofer, ASUS has made a headset that might entice both gamers and audiophiles.

ROG Strix XG17

ASUS ROG Showcases New Gaming Gears at Computex 2019 5

ASUS had portable displays for quite a while but the XG17 is altogether a different beast. It is a 17.3-inch 1080p Full HD IPS panel with 240Hz refresh rate (3ms). Besides, it even supports adaptive-sync, which operates between 48Hz-240Hz.

It has both micro-HDMI and Type-C connectivity, you can easily hook up all kinds of devices to it. Weighing at 800grams and surprisingly a single full charge could support up to 3 hours of 240Hz operation. Thanks to fast-charging support, 1-hour charging would be enough for 2.7 hours of usage.


ASUS ROG Showcases New Gaming Gears at Computex 2019 10

Not surprising, ROG Strix power supply is here. The lineup consists of 750W and 650W models armed with massive ROG heatsinks and a 135mm axial-tech fan, delivering cooler operation and less noise. A potent mix of Japanese capacitors and low RDS(on) MOSFETs provide the foundation for a 10-year warranty and have helped Strix PSUs earn an 80 PLUS Gold certification.

To facilitate clean-looking builds that look the part, Strix PSUs also feature fully-modular cables to reduce clutter, together with a selection of stickers and a magnetic badge that can be used to customize aesthetics.

ROG Strix LC 120/240/360 AIO CPU Coolers

ASUS ROG Showcases New Gaming Gears at Computex 2019 15

Following the steps of the PSU product line, this year ROG Strix, too, is getting the AIO CPU coolers. The fans will have addressable RGB and optimised for both airflow and static pressure.

Aura Creator (Beta)

ASUS ROG Showcases New Gaming Gears at Computex 2019 17For those who demand more customisation option for their RGB lighting, the ASUS Aura Creator is a brand-new effect editing software that will give users complete creative control over the lighting across the entire ecosystem.

Basically, one can arrange all their device and peripherals in the creator application and apply their preferred lighting effect over the timeline just like how a video editor edits a video.


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