After the successful merger of the Philippines server (Valkyrie) and Malaysia/Singapore server (Thor), Electronics Extreme Ltd. kicks start a combined Ragnarok Online event with Fight Night 2 to prove the best guild in Valhalla.

Fight Night 2

Fight Night 2 is the battle to prove the strength of the guilds by competing in a 56-vs-56 tournament. Full details were finally announced on the official page regarding Fight Night 2 after the launch of the teaser trailer last month.

It is the sequel to one of the most anticipated events of Ragnarok Online. The first Fight Night was held earlier this year on both PH and MYSG servers separately. This time, however, after the merger of both servers, it means that all guilds will come to face their counterparts from other regions. This marks the first event where all Filipino, Malaysian, and Singaporean players have a grand battle royale.

Find out through the updates from the official website

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