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Smartphones are amazing, they revolutionised the portable computing and how people consume multimedia contents while hitting on the street. However, due to the increased performance and higher demand for resource, gone is the longevity of battery life where we took it as granted during the times of dumb phone era.

In order to tackle the battery life issue, various methods has been implemented, including larger battery pack, increasing the SoC’s efficiency, software optimisation. All in all, while putting in a larger battery pack pretty much solved the problem temporarily, but that also introduced another issue , longer charging time, and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology is being created specially to tackle this issue.

The fourth generation of Qualcomm Quick Charge will be made available alongside the next generation flagship, the Snapdragon 835 SoC. The new Quick Charge is not just faster, but it’s much more efficient and cooler as well. Qualcomm claims that, compared to Quick Charge 3, Quick Charge 4 is capable of up to 20% faster charging, up to 30% more efficient while at the same time up to 5 degrees Celsius cooler.

Qualcomm introduces Quick Charge 4 3

While general consumer won’t bother the percentages, Qualcomm has come up with an easy-to-understand measurement, “5 for 5”, which means 5 minutes of charging would provide 5 hours or more run time. On top of that, Quick Charge 4 is also capable of topping up the juice from 0 to 50% in just 15 minutes. That is some serious charging right there.

Qualcomm introduces Quick Charge 4 5

We are certainly looking forward for the release of the advanced Fast Charging technology by Qualcomm, and they have confirmed the commercial availability of Quick Charge 4 would be in the first half of 2017. By the way, that also means that the new flagship SoC, Snapdragon 835 would be available real soon.

Source: Qualcomm Blog


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