BenQ announces the ZOWIE XL2546 is the official monitor of PUBG ASIA INVITATIONAL (PAI 2019).

PUBG ASIA INVITATIONAL 2019 is the first PUBG Premier event in the year of 2019 taking place from the 10th to 12th of January, 2019. This event kicks off the yearlong project PUBG has been planning, which eventually will lead to the PUBG Global Championship in the end of 2019.

PUBG ASIA INVITATIONAL 2019 benQ zowie xl2546

BenQ is proud to be a part of the PUBG ASIA INVITATIONAL 2019, BenQ have supported ZOWIE XL2546 Esports Gaming Monitors to assist our fellow survivors with best image quality. ZOWIE XL2546 Esports Gaming Monitors comes with Native 240Hz and DyAc Technology, offers smooth and clear image.

Most importantly, the 2 most favored features offered on BenQ ZOWIE XL series Black eQuzlier and Color Vibrance helps players when spotting enemies on the field, and the adjustability they need to suit their preference.

The best 16 teams in Asia will be invited to the PUBG ASIA INVITATIONAL 2019 held inCotai Arena in Macau, with USD$500,000 prize pool. After three days of battles, the team with most points will be crowned as the Champions of Asia.


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