Power Your Passion and #MakeItYours with Cooler Master 1
Cooler Master, a leader in design and manufacturing computer components and peripherals, today launched a campaign to ‘Power Your Passion’. The campaign encourages individuals from diverse backgrounds to pursue their passion, whether 3D Animation, Stop Motion, Virtual Reality, Modding, Design, Gaming, Overclocking, etc. Cooler Master encourages everyone to share their passion by posting their images to social media #MakeItYours and to inspire others. 
“We believe every individual has a desire to make something for fun or work. It is essential for us to honor that passion,” said Raymen Wu, Global Marketing Director. “We all know people create incredible things through PCs that they built themselves. This campaign furthers our vision of Make It Yours by reaching out to the community and giving them a voice to share their passion”. 
Power Your Passion and #MakeItYours with Cooler Master 3

Powering 3D Animation
A self-professed “tech nerd,” Jyunwei Huang spent long hours honing his 3D design chops, and he has always found the inner workings of software and computers easy. He assembles and puts together all of his colleagues PCs, each one made specially to support 3D rendering and special effects composition at Studio 411. They are constructed around the massive storage, graphics and processing demands needed to reduce time during the 3D animation process. He handles the heat load with a MasterLiquid Pro 240, suiting his preference for liquid cooling. The MasterWatt Maker 1200 gives him a buffer for intensive rendering without worrying about tripping the power. The MasterCase Maker 5 provides the flexibility to upgrade his components quickly, something which Jyunwei often does. Check out his system and read his story here.
Power Your Passion and #MakeItYours with Cooler Master 5
Powering Stop Motion Animation
To bring ideas to life, John Huang painstakingly learned stop motion animation from scratch, with the internet his sole guide. John has the unique ability to ‘film’ his photo sequences without any aid from automated equipment, marking or software. He does it entirely from memory. But he needs a workhorse PC to bring his photos to life, together with a strong dose of After Effects. And his workhorse really takes a beating. “At my workstation, I am constantly loading my PCs so parts wear out quickly. I need parts that can keep up with the demand while being able to quickly swap as I upgrade.” The MasterCase Maker 5 allows John to save time on his frequent reconfigurations, and the 1200 watts on the MasterWatt Maker 1200 is enough to cover him however hard he runs his components. He manages his CPU load by sticking with a MasterAir Maker 8 as he feels more comfortable with an air cooler. Check out his system and read his story here.
Power Your Passion
Reach out to Cooler Master here and share your passion with us.

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