Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 89

AS the competition arises, prices of SSD has plummeted drastically to the point where almost everyone can afford at least a 120GB SSD that would probably cost you an arm and a leg back in the time when it was first introduced.  Plextor is among the brand renown for its highly reliable SSD and is one of the most recommended brand when it comes to picking a SSD.

Mighty thanks to Plextor in provision of the M6V 256GB SSD for today’s review. This 256GB unit retails for $ 99.99 (roughtly RM 417+) and is also available in 128GB (roughtly RM 275+)  and 512GB (roughtly RM 792+) models. 
Sequential Read Speed**
Up to 535 MB/s
Sequential Write Speed**
Up to 335 MB/s
Random Read Speed***
Up to 83,000
Random Write Speed***
Up to 80,000
SMI 2246en
NAND Flash
TOSHIBA 15nm Toggle MLC
DRAM Cache
256MB DDR3
Form Factor
2.5 inch
SATA 6Gb/s, compatible with SATA 3Gb/s and 1.5Gb/s
Power Connector
15-pin SATA connector for DC 5V input
Data Connector
7-pin SATA connector
Dimension (L x W x H)
100 x 69.85 x 6.8 mm / 3.94 x 2.75 x 0.27 inch
70g / 2.47oz (Max.)
Environment and Reliability
Power Consumption
0.25W (MobileMark)
DC Requirement
5V / 1.0A
0°C ~ 70°C / 32°F ~ 158°F (Operating)
1500G (Max.), at 1 msec half-sine
7 ~ 800Hz, 2.17Grms (Operation)
> 1,500,000 hours
Operating System Supported
Microsoft Windows OS / Linux OS / APPLE Mac OS
Agency Approval
Command Set Support
Firmware Upgrade
Highline Features
Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 91
Plextor sent us the M6V 256GB model that comes in a classy blue-grey themed box and a badge on the top right that indicates the M6V comes withPlexTurbo support and 3-year limited warranty from Plextor. 
Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 93
At the back of the box you’ll find the specifications of the drive, performance, power requirements, operating system and file format support, box content, etc.
Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 95
What’s inside the box is a user’s guide and the Plextor M6V, no fancy accessories available.
Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 97
At first glance, the immediate noticeable difference of the M6V compared to any Plextor SSD we’ve seen is the to of the SSD enclosure. Sticker is used instead of the usual anodized printing method seen on any previous Plextor SSD.
Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 99
At the back of the M6V, you’ll find the usual details i.e serial number, model name, capacity, etc.
Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 101
A warranty sticker can be found at the side of the enclosure and tempering the sticker will result in the void of the 3 year limited warranty from Plextor. 
Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 103
Source: Plextor M6V
As we’ve decided not to take it apart due to some specific reason, here’s a diagram showing the controller and NAND flash used.
The Plextool is Plextor’s very own SSD Toolbox for viewing necessary information, firmware updates, secure erase/format, diagonostic and SSD caching feature.
Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 105
The drive status tab has a drop down menu where you can select and view information of the drives installed to your system i.e, total usable capacity, remaining free space, total used space, SSD heath, temperature (no exact value) and TRIM status indicator.
Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 107
The Plextool info tab is basically a built-in user guide with well labeled diagram that can be understand easily.
Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 109
As performing a full format is not recommended on an SSD, secure erase is a more preferred method and it should guarantee the secure erasure of all stored data on a storage medium. A secure erased SSD will then be usable at its original ideal performance level (theoretically).
Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 111
Firmware update is pretty much self explanatory, this allows you to update the firmware of the SSD much easier by retrieving the necessary files directly from Plextor’s server and automatically update the firmware of your SSD.
Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 113
Diagnostic scan is an SSD diagnostic utility to obtain comprehensive information of the SSD and should there be any errors detected, timely action can be taken before any disastrous event can occur.
Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 115
While Plextor did mentioned PlexTurbo support for M6V, the PlexTurbo for the M6V doesn’t appears to be the same as the built-in with the PlexTool for the Plextor M6e Black Edition but rather a dedicated tool of its own named PlexTurbo Viewer. Options available are the  adjustments for cache size, cache release time, enable or disable preloaded hot operation files and auto execute PlexTurbo Viewer on boot.
Testing Method
Test Rig Configuration
CPU Cooler
Corsair H100i
Intel Core i7 4790K
ASUS Maximus Hero VII 
G.Skill TridentX @2400MHz
Primary Hard Drive
Power Supply
be quiet! Straight Power 10 600W
Vector BenchCase
Synthetic Benchmark
Developed by a Japanese coder that goes by the nickname Hiyohiyo, CrystalDiskMark is one of the most frequent used SSD Benchmark utility to measure SSD’s read and write performance. There’s 2 option for the test data used, compressible (0 fill) and incompressible (1 fill).
Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 117
Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 119 
We’ve selected 1 fill as our test data and the result isn’t bad either. The result shows a sequential read performance peaked at 551.4MB/s and sequential write performance peaked at 355.9MB/s. Both 4K read and write performance seems pretty decent, with 38.04MB/s for 4K read and 123.2MB/s for 4K write.
AS SSD Benchmark
Widely used SSD benchmarking utility that uses incompressible data to simulate the worst possible scenario for a SSD and thus giving a much lower sequential read and write speed result than what has been stated by the manufacturer as result of the heavy workload. 
Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 121
As incompressible data is used, lower sequential read and sequential write result is expected. Sequential read peaked at 529.03MB/s and sequential write performance peaked at 343.43MB/s. 4K read and write performance is bearable, with 35.20MB/s for 4K read and 109.96MB/s for 4K write.
ATTO Disk Benchmark
The most frequently used benchmarking utility by many manufacturers for performance specification. As ATTO Disk Benchmark uses compressible data rather than compressible data, it results in higher benchmark scores. We’ve ran the benchmark with transfer size ranged from 0.5KB to 8192KB and total length of the test to be 256MB.
Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 123
The result seems pretty good with sequential read performance peaked at 561.84MB/s and sequential write performance peaked at 358.71MB/s. 
Anvil’s  Storage Utilities
By far the most complete SSD Benchmark utility available. The Anvil’s Storage Utilities not only comes with the standard SSD Benchmark function, it also includes other functions such as endurance testing and threaded I/O read, write and mixed tests and option to configure the compressibility of the test data.
Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 125
While both sequential read and sequential write performance exhibits the near result as what we’ve seen in AS SSD benchmark, we can see the SSD’s response time that is not displayed in majority of the SSD Benchmarking utilities out there. 
PlexTurbo Test
Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 127
Here’s a quick run for all synthetic benchmark with PlexTurbo enabled – It does shows some improvement but definitely not the kind big boost in read and write speed like we’ve observed with the PlexTurbo for Plextor M6e Black Edition.
Real World Performance
We’ve ran several test using several SSD with at least 40% capacity occupied with various commonly used software to simulate the real world scenario. 
Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 129
There isn’t much performance gap seen but from the result above, we can see that the Plextor M6V is doing pretty well with all the test conducted. 
The Plextor M6V might not be the best SSD available, but it’s no doubt a pretty balanced SSD when it comes to the synthetic benchmark results we’ve obtained, Although the difference across the SSD tested is barely noticeable when it comes to real world performance, but paying $99.99 for the M6V 256GB model seems to be a pretty fair deal as most 256GB model we’ve seen costs more than that and yields a very close performance to it. 
As the SRP for the Malaysian market is yet to be confirmed and we cannot guarantee it will be exactly the RM417 as we have initially estimated for the 256GB model, but it’s definitely an additional option that is worth to consider for if you’re on a tight budget for a 256GB SSD. 
  • Reasonable price for the 256GB model
  • Comes with a standard 3 year warranty
  • Decent performance

  • No additional accessories included
  • Lower PlexTurbo performance
Plextor M6V 256 GB SSD Review 131

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