The Cooler Master MB400L is a micro ATX (mATX) PC chassis made with elegance and minimalism design in mind. The brushed front panel and flush tempered glass side panel makes this one of the sleekest looking chassis available in the market.

Check out the first impression video on the PC build process and what we think of this RM179 case.


Cooler Master MB400L

As the market is flooded with budget cases comes pre-equipped with tempered glass side panel and RGB fans, the MB400L is facing quite a challenge even with the affordable price tag of RM179. On-paper, it is the least attractive one if you’re judging from the aspect of included accessories such as RGB fans. Well, technically you do get one non-RGB 120mm fan mounted at the rear as exhaust. Despite so, inexperienced customers would often choose a case based on the looks as opposed to how it should work. Most of the time, it is very difficult to tell what you have to sacrifice on a budget case in order to get all those fascinating looking features.

In this case (pun intended), from our brief hands-on and build session, we can tell Cooler Master has opted to bring better value for their MB400L customers. The build quality and attention to detail show how an experienced case maker can offer to system builders. Each and every piece of panels, be it the metal structure, front plastic cover or the glass side panel stays flush after you put all of them together. You get plenty of cutouts on the motherboard tray for neat cable management. While the lack of rubber grommets on the cutouts says a lot about how this case being a budget option, however, the generous space behind the motherboard tray makes it up for magnificent cable management experience.

Being an mATX case, there is a decent amount of storage bays available – four 2.5-inch drive mounts and two 3.5-inch drive bays. The cooling option includes the support up to 280mm radiator at the front and 240mm radiator at the top. Each and every intake options are filtered, just that we would have hoped Cooler Master to include a magnetic PSU fan filter instead of a flimsy filter.

All in all, we believe Cooler Master has done a magnificent job with the MB400L and you should definitely give this a thought if you’re in the market looking for a classy mATX case.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Clean design
  • Screw-catcher on tempered glass (no more missing screws)
  • Filters for all possible intake fan mounting spots
  • Plenty of space behind the motherboard tray and cutouts for cable management
  • Affordable price


  • Have to purchase extra fans to promote airflow
  • Snap-off type expansion card IO cover
  • Flimsy PSU fan filter
  • No rubber grommets on cable management cutouts

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