Taiwanese company TEAMGROUP is going to live stream their next product launch from September 22 to 24 11 a.m. each day where lots of new products will be debuted and showcased to the public with lucky draws featuring creator PCs up to $3,000 happening during the event. Here’s what we know about the products so far.

5 themes, 5 sets of T-FORCE parts

The T-FORCE lineup of products has always been their core identity since their early days of business. The eye-catching design philosophy helped them created parts with different color schemes to fit different themes of setups. For Gaming, the DARK Z FPS RAM and CARDEA IOPS SSD sports a simple black and white hue that focuses on pure performance. No RGB, no flashy edges, just pure power.


The whiter than white Lovers in Snow build picks the ceramic built XTREEM ARGB RAM, DELTA MAX SSD, and the mirror integrated AIO Cooler to create a crystal clear pure white gaming setup that will surely shine brighter than any RGB setups.

TEAMGROUP Lovers in White

Now to the Cooling theme, we all know that NVMe SSDs can run into thermal throttles due to the sheer amount of data being written and read all the time, especially the monstrous PCIe 4.0 storage devices. TEAMGROUP tackles this issue by forging heat spreaders made from effective heat conductors such as graphene for the CARDEA Z330 and Z340, aluminum fins for the CARDEA II, full-on liquid cooling structure within the CARDEA Liquid, and the latest aerospace ceramic for the CARDEA Ceramic C440.


As always, you can’t call gaming gears as gaming gears if they don’t push it to the limits. For Extreme performance, the XTREEM ARGB RAM managed to broke new records in the AIDA64 benchmark which attract the attention of overclockers around the world. Now, it comes in an 8x32GB configuration for the ultimate capacity while maintaining superior timings that shows what T-FORCE RAMs are capable of.


Lastly about the Gaming Consoles, the hype of PS5 and Xbox Series X is definitely no joke so TEAMGROUP’s TREASURE TOUCH portable SSD, SPARK RGB USB flash drive, and Gaming A2 SD card will ensure console gaming experience to be as smooth as possible while integrating perfectly into the typical gaming setup.


Digital content creation with T-CREATE


In response to the immense growth of digital content creation and consumption especially this year due to the global pandemic, the new T-CREATE series is made to tailor to the needs of fellow creators. There are 3 tiers for the lineup of products: CLASSIC, EXPERT, and MASTER. Each tier will offer different levels of performance, scalability and stability depending on the needs of the users. From single 32GB RAM sticks to 12 years of SSD warranty, TEAMGROUP is committed to leveraging the professional market to accompany creators from all over the world to unleash and inspire their creativity. Expect all the information to be revealed on September 23.

Simplicity meets durability


TEAMGROUP is not always about gamers as they have many products dedicated to general users as well. From the military-grade PD series SSD and feature-rich T183 Tool USB Flash Drive and the T193 Stationery USB flash drive for the perfect camouflage to the industry’s first and largest 15.3TB consumer-grade QX 2.5-inch SATA Solid State Drive and the ELITE A1 MICRO SD Card with a maximum capacity of 1TB, the huge range of products will surely meet some of your needs.

Catch the trailer for the live stream below in the meantime or visit the event page for more information.


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