NVIDIA’s latest keynote over at SIGGRAPH has revealed a lot of things mostly geared towards industrial applications and in this post, we’ll cover topics about Omniverse and OpenUSD.

NVIDIA Omniverse Major Release

Let’s start with upgrades brought to Omniverse. For starters, a central repository called the Omniverse Kit Extension Registry is announced that acts as the hub for various Omniverse extensions for access, sharing, and managing – an act that leverages the power of the community and official support together.

Other than that, ready-to-use templates and resources allow newcomers to experience OpenUSD and Omniverse with minimal coding while the latest optimizations provide even more performance and power for Ada Lovelace-powered RTX GPUs via DLSS 3 which is now in Omniverse RTX Renderer alongside a new AI denoiser enabling real-time 4K path tracing.

Furthermore, a set of XR developer tools makes integrating them into Omniverse a much more easier task now to bring more 3D projects and virtual worlds to life.

Other notable updates include general improvements made for USD Composer and Audio2Face.

NVIDIA Omniverse OpenUSD

Speaking of OpenUSD, one of the most exciting moves comes in the form of Omniverse Cloud APIs opening up various OpenUSD pipelines and applications which are the following four:

  • ChatUSD – Large Language Model trained with USD-related data sets and general Python knowledge to help developers create functions
  • RunUSD – Cloud API translating OpenUSD files into fully path-traced rendered images via compatibility checks against version numbers plus generating renders with Omniverse Cloud
  • DeepSearch – Large Language Model agent capable of uncovering untagged assets via fast semantic search
  • USD-GDN Publisher – One-click service that publishes OpenUSD-based deliverables from an Omniverse Cloud Graphics Delivery Network (GDN) to browsers and mobile devices in real-time

Various forms of partnership also received a “level up” treatment such as Adobe making Adobe Firefly available within Omniverse as APIs or Wonder Dynamic adding OpenUSD export options in Wonder Studio.

In terms of geospatial data models for OpenUSD in the context of SimReady, NVIDIA is also readying a new structure to further augment 3D models of SimReady assets that will soon be able to hold true-to-reality material and physical properties to achieve the best possible digital twin simulation.

There are also a bunch of connections from things like Luma AI’s USDZ format, Convai, Inworld AI, SideFX Houdini, etc, given some form of connection to Omniverse and OpenUSD that will make its goal of bridging industrial applications with ultimate compatibility one step closer.

Wider Hardware Selections

If one requires themselves to own some RTX-equipped hardware, NVIDIA is also opening up more channels and partners to push out more selections when it comes to RTX workstations that can host up to 4x RTX 6000 Ada-Lovelace GPUs. Need some data center-level craziness? There’s the L40S ready for you.


You may get the latest Omniverse release in beta right now for free and coming soon to Omniverse Enterprise while those interested in OpenUSD may join the Open Developer Program.


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