NVIDIA has announced that its 3D asset creation software Instant NeRF is venturing into the VR scene in the latest round of software updates.

NVIDIA NeRF Mechanics

For some context, the Instant NeRF debuted last year in hopes of shortening development cycles in gaming and any general application revolving around 3D models as it is often costly in time and manpower consumption. Utilizing special AI sauce called neural radiance fields, the technology can easily craft 3D shapes out of several 2D photos as a reference that can easily match the accuracy of renderings made by some of the photorealistic engines in the industry.

Supported by thousands of developers and content creators, NVIDIA is happy that the Instant NeRF is finally entering the VR world as everything there needs to be 3D (aside from UIs and whatnot) and possibly interactable in some way, shape, or form. Users can utilize it to whip out something quick that is sourced from images and video captured on smartphones, or rendered images and screenshots captured from games, design applications, and more. To make things even more accessible, official releases include precompiled executables in case you’re not that tech-savvy.

As a matter of fact, source codes and the aforementioned precompiled stuff can be downloaded right now and a little raffle game allows you to win a GeForce RTX 3090 Ti just by creating a 3D scene with Instant Nerf. The mini-event is currently live and ends on March 3.


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