NVIDIA has teased one of the domains they are giving major coverage at next week’s GTC 2024 conference and that’s the automotive industry.

NVIDIA GTC 2024 Automotive Topics

Transformed by software-defined computing and generative AI, NVIDIA DRIVE ecosystem partners will be coming together to showcase what they have been cooking behind the scenes so that future “smart cars” will be much smarter, safer, and enjoyable as technology evolves cars into literal “computers with wheels”.

Participated by brands demonstrating their new vehicles including but not limited to Mercedes-Benz Concept CLA Class, Volvo EX90, Polestar 3, WeRide Robobus, Nuro R3 autonomous delivery vehicle, and more, there won’t be just pure “gears and pistons” topics but rather the inclusion of LLMs and gen-AIs alongside simulation, manufacturing, safety design, etc.

Here’s the list of sessions you can pick out and join. How to join? Just click here to register right now before the event starts!

Session Name


Time Slot

How LLMs and Generative AI Will Enhance the Way We Experience Self-Driving Cars

Alex Kendall (Co-founder & CEO, Wayve)

March 19, 9AM P.T

Accelerating the New Era of Autonomous Vehicles With Generative AI

Raquel Urtasun (Founder & CEO, Waabi)

March 19, 10AM P.T

Applying AI & LLMs to Transform the Luxury Automotive Experience

Chrissie Kemp (Chief Data and Digital Product Officer, Jaguar Land Rover)March 19, 11AM P.T
Generative AI and Industrial Digitalization in the Automotive IndustryAlex Kendall (Co-founder & CEO, Wayve)

Raquel Urtasun (Founder & CEO, Waabi)

Chrissie Kemp (Chief Data and Digital Product Officer, Jaguar Land Rover)

Norm Marks (VP, Automotive Enterprise, NVIDIA)

March 19, 2PM P.T

Accelerating Automotive Workflows With Large Language Models

Bryan Goodman (Director, Artificial Intelligence, Ford Motor Co.)March 19, 3PM P.T
Infusing the Car’s Cockpit With AIDr. Ephrem Chemaly (VP & GM, Automotive Business Unit, MediaTek)

March 20, 9AM P.T

Transforming Factory Planning and Manufacturing Operations Within Digital Mega Plants

Benjamin Huber (Head of Advanced Automation and Digitalization – Business Area UX, Continental)March 20, 10AM P.T
The Nuro Driver: An AI-First Autonomous Driving SystemAlbert Meixner (Head of Software, Nuro)

March 20, 3PM P.T

Accelerating the Shift to AI-Defined Vehicles

Xinzhou Wu (VP, Automotive, NVIDIA)

March 21, 9AM P.T


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