The 11th installment of the Smart City Summit and Expo event will be kicking off next week in both Taipei and Kaohsiung.

Smart City Expo 2024

Hosting more than 2,000 government personnel and VIPs from more than 46 countries and regions, the ‘Net Zero City Leaders Summit’ and ‘City COP: Improving City Resilience through Digital Smart Solutions’ will be some of the major themes to be explored by guests on development strategies of smart and net-zero cities.

Other global presence including ICLEI, CityNet, WeGO, and Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative will be joining the event as well as Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) chiming in to announce the results of the Smart 21 City list.

Since the title mentioned “AI Everywhere”, that specific topic also correlates to their main point – by allowing the technology to blossom in more industries as well as government bodies and institutes, be it gen-AI, edge-AI, anything that can enhance the communications between residents and government.

In regards to that, there will be a special section named ‘Taiwan AI+ Cluster’ exhibition area dedicated to this cause by showing off the fruits and labor of various AI companies.

For more information about the 2024 Smart City Summit and Expo, click here.


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