Noctua’s latest product isn’t really about fans but is related to fans as it is a special 24V to 12V converter cable designed for special needs.

Noctua NA VC1

Some of you may not own or know about 3D printers that much so basically most of them operate on 24V like the Creality Ender 3 and CR-10 with the stock cooling fans being 40 or 60mm.

Through this NA-VC1 cable, standard 12V fans like the NF-A4x10 PWM, NF-A4x20 PWM, or NF-A6x25 PWM, are finally usable and deliver optimal cooling than the pesky stock fans while being silent.

With a size barely larger than a standard 4-pin fan connector, simply connect this to the power source on one end and the other to the associated fan cable, voila, it now functions properly.

The total power output is 9W but Noctua did confirm that as long as the power budget is managed, one can use splitter cables or fan hubs to further employ more low-powered fans accordingly.

Engineered with the same level of expertise and care, the NA-VC1 protects against short-circuits, reverse polarity, overcurrent, and overheating by a resettable fuse if those things do happen, and yep, several certifications like CE, UKCA, and UL alongside standards like EN 62368-1, EN 55035 and EN 55032 are obtained.

Price and Availability

Sold at a price of USD24.90, the Noctua NA-VC1 is currently available for purchase at the official Amazon stores.


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