According to Nanoxia, the main critique from reviewers and customers focused on the dust filter, which was hard to clean, and the complicated way to access the two front fans. In response to that, a two-parted front design has been utilized in this new revision of CoolForce 2 Rev. B, where the I/O-panel are separated from the rest of the case front, allowing users to remove the main front part of the case with ease. 

The dust filter is not connected to the fans, making it far easier to remove and clean it, even when the system is running. The designed also makes it easier for users to access the front intake fans, as well as the installation of a radiator for custom water cooling setup.   
The I/O panel has been revised, where the USB 2.0 is replaced with the current mainstream USB 3.0 connector. The LED On/Off-Button has been integrated to the I/O panel to allow easier control of the two Rigid LED bars.The revision as stated, are meant to increase the user-friendliness of the CoolForce 2 in the new Rev. B. 
The case offers a variety of features that one would not suspect in this price class. This includes, but is not limited, to the versatile ModuWand, the practical “AirCover” in the top, and the two pre-installed Rigid LED bars behind the front. 

The all-round cooling system of the CoolForce 2 with three installed 140 mm fans (2 x front, 1 x rear) can be upgraded with additional 120/140 mm fans in the top (max. 3 x), the ModuWand (max. 2 x), and the bottom (max. 1 x). 
The case comes with a total of 4x dedicated SSD mounts, additional spots on the ModuWand and the HDD-cage behind the front that offers users the flexibility they need when it comes to installing a hard disk drive (HDD) an solid state drive (SSD).

The CoolForce 2 Rev. B supports CPU coolers with height of up to 185mm and has a total expansion slot of 8 to support multiple VGA cards with a length of up to 300mm, and up to 445mm with the ModuWand removed. 
The CoolForce 2 Rev. B will be available in stores from next week, with MSRP of 84.99€, including 19%VAT.

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