MSI Announces Partnership with Liam Talbot Racing 1
Monza, Italy – World-leading gaming brand MSI has announced a technical partnership with Liam Talbot Racing, whose main focus for the 2015 racing season is the prestigious Blancpain Endurance Series.
The partnership sees MSI notebooks, notably the all-new MSI GE62, being provided to Liam Talbot Racing to ensure off-track analysis of on-track performance works flawlessly. With tons of data in the shape of video recordings, photos and telemetry being processed every weekend, high performance, reliability and mobility are all concerns. As part of the deal, the MSI logo was prominently featured on Talbot’s Kessel Racing Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 #111 car at Round 1 in Monza.
“The mobility of the system is something that helps massively, as we travel around a lot. Every gram saved is worth its weight in gold when you travel as much as we do. I use it for video analysis and telemetry, and having MSI on board streamlines our trackside process a lot. We also came out with the class victory here at Monza, and we couldn’t have done it without MSI,” commented LTR driver Liam Talbot.
“I’m personally very excited to be working with the MSI brand. When we started the search for a technical partner we identified a number of key DNA parameters that we were looking for. MSI ticked all the boxes and then some! I couldn’t be happier with the partnership,” explains David Hardman, Team Director at LTR.
“Team LTR are professionals, and everything is about pushing limits and maximizing performance. There are a lot of touching points between our Gaming notebooks and racing if you think of it – we’re trying to eke out maximum performance while also keeping the weight down. We provided LTR a couple of GE62s that perfectly encapsulates this philosophy, and we’re extremely happy to be part of LTR’s 2015 season. Also, a lot of visibility for the MSI brand on the #111 car, paired with pole position and a class win at Monza makes us highly excited for the rest of the season and our future cooperation,” ends Jonas Klar, Marketing Manager at MSI Notebook.
The 2015 racing season with Liam Talbot Racing and MSI will see further projects such as a racing simulator being built around the MSI GT72 notebook as well as MSI Workstations being put to use for data analysis, in addition to a full Blancpain Endurance Series campaign.

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