Mobile Weekly Byte: Microsoft Windows 10 Devices Event 1

Microsoft just launched their highly anticipated operating system – Windows 10 two months ago, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft has ran out of trick under its sleeves.

The Microsoft hardware and hype department pulled of an amazing event 2 days ago, dubbed the Microsoft Windows 10 Devices event. Boy, how nostalgic seeing that Microsoft finally made a comeback after Apple and Google took away their spotlight.

Nevertheless, let’s jump into the various hardware that got us really excited.

Lumia 950 & 950 XL
The new Lumia flagship comes in 2 sizes, the 5.2 inch 950 and 5.7 inch 950 XL. Both runs almost identical hardware under the hood except the difference in SoC (Snapdragon 808 vs 810), battery capacity (3000mAh vs 3340mAh) and dimension.

Uniquely, the 950 XL runs a heat-pipe liquid cooling system for better thermal performance. We’ll have to wait to see how this 2 devices face up against the massively popular Apple and Android flagships.

Priced at US$549 and US$649 respectively.

Specs over at GSMArena

Lumia 550

The mid ranged Lumia device, priced at US$139 has its market, but has this device came way too early since the Lumia 540 is only 6 months old at the time of writing.


Display Dock

Microsoft’s Continuum project at its best. By just connecting the Windows 10 phone to the hub via USB Type-C, you’re now turning your phone into a Windows 10 a-like desktop! Of course we’re not running full Windows 10 here, but being able to running apps at desktop experience is clearly what Microsoft is trying to go.

No price at the time being.

Surface Pro 4 & Accessories

Last year’s Surface Pro 3 was a great success. The reception of the public is relatively good in regards of Microsoft’s laptop tablet hybrid. On the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft bumped up the screen size from 12 inch to 12.3 by reducing the bezel. This increases the screen estate without increasing the device size itself. Top model comes with Intel Skylake Core i7, 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD!

Accessories include new touch cover with better key spacing and larger glass touchpad. Surface Pen also receive an update which now has 1024 levels of pressure and exchangeable tips.

Price starts at $899.

Surface Book

The most well kept secret of the year award goes to the Surface Book. It is a hybrid just like the Surface Pro, albeit that it comes with a proper solid keyboard base which also houses the extra battery and graphics chip.

The craziest part of the Surface Book has to be the snaky hinge design. Price starts at US$1499.

Microsoft Band 2

Instead of going heads on with Android Wear and Apple Watch, Microsoft’s wearable tech comes with an array of sensors, which makes the Band 2 more like a high end fitness wearable.

HoloLens Development Kit

Microsoft finally releases the HoloLens Development Kit after they first announce earlier this year. The Dev kit will be available US$3000.


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