LIAN LI has introduced the AL120, a new PWM fan product set to improve the range of the UNI FAN lineup for more customization options.


The new AL120 features a 4-strip inner frame that lights up the overall frame with each of them being independently configurable and the ARGB ring around the fan shaft paired with brushed aluminum medallion makes it easy to be fitted as an intake or exhaust fan. As a PWM fan of high quality, it can spin up to a maximum of 1900RPM at a noise level of 28.3dB with the large fan fins directly translates into a higher performance of 64.5 CFM airflow and 2.62mm H2O air pressure. This also means that you can use it as a casing fan or radiator fan too, as you desire.


Coming in colors of Black or White, the preorder price for a pack of 3 AL120 including the fan controller is USD99.99 (~RM415.54) while 1 fan will run you for USD29.99 (~RM124.67). Local prices are not announced as of now.


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